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Last updated: Nov 30, 2018

Freshdesk Competitors

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Freshdesk is feature-packed web-based customer support solution that allows companies to provide service to their customers in many helpful ways. Freshdesk was released in June 2011 by a company with the same n


Freshdesk Competitors and Alternatives

Zendesk and Zoho Support are two of the main competitors for Freshdesk.

ZohoSupport is part of the Zoho application suite and addresses customer support needs of a business with a cloud based solution. It incorporates workflow automation and can be easily customized to match internal business process requirements. The product allows customers to contact on a variety of channels including voice, chat, email & social media. There are also analytic tools to monitor service performance with dashboards to view compliance with key support KPIs and metrics.

Freshdesk in comparison provides some additional features for customer support such as its “suggested solutions” which recommends resolutions based on an analysis of similar service issues. The product also supports service level agreements to define support metrics to be achieved, and this is incentivized for support agents through its gamification feature where they can compete to be rewarded for best support rendered on various performance metrics.

Zendesk on the other hand includes a knowledge base integrated with self service portals that customers can use to solve commonly faces problems and thereby improve resolution times. Additionally the product supports a community forum where discussions, posts and queries can be addressed in collaborative framework. There is also an App library where additional tools can be integrated to enhance the Zendesk product.

Freshdesk while providing similar features also includes an “Observer” option to automatically trigger events on tickets based on configured rules. In addition the product can integrate customer support in different countries in one platform, as well as include multiple languages as needed.

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