Nextech Practice Review - why 4.6 stars?

Nextech Practice Review
ITQlick Score: 92/100
ITQlick Rating: (4.6/5)
Pricing: 6.6/10 - high cost
Category: Medical Practice -> Nextech Practice
Ranking:Ranked 1 out of 29 Medical Practice systems
Company: NexTech Systems
Pricing: starts at $35 per year
Typical customers: SMBs
Platforms: Desktop, Cloud
Links: Nextech Practice pricing, Nextech Practice alternatives

Shlomi LaviShlomi Lavi / updated: Mar 13, 2022

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What is Nextech Practice and its features?

Nextech Practice is a cloud-based EMR, practice, and patient management software. It is endowed with various features for medical facilities. It offers features such as patient records, optimized billing, appointment scheduling, patient registration and portal, inventory management, eligibility verification, and E-prescribing. In addition, it has mobile, windows, and mac support which is the best fit for startups, SMEs, and Enterprises for various medical practitioners including, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, ophthalmologists.

The mobile app allows to check appointments, patient profiles, lab reports, and patient medical history without turning on the PC or even iPad. This helps the doctors make quick decisions for further diagnosis without risking patients lives due to delays. Moreover, it is HIPAA compliant.

Nextech Practice software is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, owned by Thomas H. and Lee Partners LP. They acquired it by a Boston private equity firm, Nextech, from Francisco Partner and other stockholders. It was founded in 1997, which then provided health care technology facilities to more than 11,000 providers and 4000 practices across a variety of core specialties such as Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and Orthopedics.

After the partnership of Francisco partner in Nextech in 2013, they aimed to enhance the Nextech infrastructure and growth for medical facilities. Nextech has 50,000 office staff worldwide and approx. 7000 providers.

What is Nextech Practice rating?

The rating of Nextech Practice is 4.6 stars out of 5 and the total score is 92 out of 100. The rating score is based on our unbiased data-based algo. Learn more - rating methodology page.

Who uses Nextech Practice?

The typical customers include the following business size: SMBs.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, Nextech Practice makes it fairly easy to use. This product is user friendly and intuitive.

Is Nextech Practice cloud-based?

Yes, they offer cloud based hosting, which means IT resources are retrieved through web-based tools and applications and you don't need to buy servers and additional hardware equipment.

Can it be used on mobile?

No, currently Nextech Practice can't be accessed on mobile, you would need to access it from your computer.

Is Nextech Practice the best Medical Practice system?

Nextech Practice is ranked 1 out of 29 software in their category (Medical Practice systems).

What are Nextech Practice's pros? (2 Pros)

  • Users can easily get lab Result receipts
  • Nextech practice has a complete clinical knowledge library

What are Nextech Practice's cons? (3 cons)

  • No data sharing is allowed for the users
  • Poor backup system causing frequent bottlenecks
  • The app is not available for android phone

Who are their main alternatives?

Nextech has its own market growth, but there is still much other software that gives tough competition to Nextech practices. Its top three competitors are SimplePractice,, and TheraNest.
  • Functionality: SimplePractice is cloud-based management software that makes the private side of a business easier. Its HIPAA compliant software and easy-to-use feature help wellness professionals automate their day-to-day appointments and scheduling, unlimited appointment reminders, insurance claim management, payment processing, and documentation. In addition, it allows paperless contacts as the payment process and invoice generation are all online.

    It is the same as Nextech Practice, so you can choose either of these. is a cloud-based management software that offers practice management for Electronic Medical Record (EMR), including client notes, insurance claims, appointments, and billing. It is also HIPAA compliant and useful for solo practitioners as well. Unlike Nextech, it provides chat sessions and video calls with doctors and physicians.

    Here clients can also receive automated reminders through email, text, phone calls, and messages. TheraNest is a web-based mental health management software used by large mental health practices, solo practitioners, and non-profit organizations. This is suited for social workers, psychiatrists, therapists, and psychologists.

    It is also available as a mobile app for android and iOS. It has treatment plans, consign notes and build custom forms. Its unique features include credit card services, batch invoices, DSM/ICD codes, and custom forms. TheraNest has slightly advanced features than Nextech.
  • Level of Services: SimplePractice offers various services, including AutoPay, Online Card Processing, Credit Card Payment with your own SimplePractice account, and no extra logins. SimplePractice login accounts also integrate with the Monarch directory, so that prospective clients can find, request an appointment, and get the care that is needed. allows online video calls and chat with medical professionals so that you can contact them immediately in case of an emergency.

    Invoicing and Billing tools integrate with multiple accounts such as Stripe, Braintree, BluePay, Forte, Payscape, and Authorize. The customers can also sync the calendar with the calendar feature to help manage the scheduling of appointments. TheraNest has a client portal named TheraBook, which gives access to clients to schedule appointments, submit intake completely, enter insurance information, and fill out demographic information forms from within their own secured accounts.
  • Support: Nextech practice and all the alternatives suggested offering complete support to the users in documentation, FAQs, blogs, email support, video training, webinars, and 24/7 chat support.

What is the cost of Nextech Practice?

The cost of license starts at $35 per year. On top of the total cost of licenses which is easy to calculate - what is the REAL total cost of implementation? You need to add the cost of training, customization, data migration, and other "hidden cost". ITQlick pricing score is 6.6 out of 10 (10 is most expensive). You can find here the REAL total cost breakdown for Nextech Practice.

What should you ask NexTech Systems during a demo session? (65 questions)

Schedule a demo with Nextech Practice and access 65 must ask questions for the vendor while watching Nextech Practice in action. Visit the vendor's website here.

Where Nextech Practice is used?

Since Nextech is purely for the medical industry, it can be of great help for your small and large businesses related to healthcare. Managing huge data is difficult, which is why this software is designed. From quick patient solutions to urgent appointments, it can handle all.

It fits your business as you will do your job by managing patients data, online consultation, inventory management, Email reminders, and patients history keeping. It will elevate your business because, for your healthcare business, there is no paperwork involved. It removes all the traditional ways of business.

List of categories

Document Management
Inventory Management
Medical Billing
Patient Records
Patient Scheduling
Practice Management
Appointment Scheduling

Nextech Practice Vs. Alternatives

ITQlick rating
License pricing
Nextech ...
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$35 per year
Medical ...
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$14.89 per license
Speedy C...
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$24.95 per month
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$50 per month
ITQlick rating
License pricing
Pricing not available

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