Oracle Business Intelligence Review

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Last updated: Sep 08, 2018

Oracle Business Intelligence Review

28 reviews

Medium business, Large business

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus is the BI and analytics to beat. It delivers a complete range of functionalities. This suite changes the way business data is used. It provides a common arch


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What is Oracle Business Intelligence? Updated: Sep 08, 2018

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus is the BI and analytics to beat. It delivers a complete range of functionalities. This suite changes the way business data is used. It provides a common architecture to produce and deliver reports, dashboards, score sheets and analyses. It is a group of tools that compete with major players in the industry.

Released in 2010, the software was developed by no less than Oracle Corporation, which is known to have produced numerous software and hardware solutions for various industries. They specialize in database management processes and works globally.

Oracle Business Intelligence Average Rating -

The average rating of Oracle Business Intelligence is 4 stars. The rating is based on 28 aggregated online reviews.

Oracle Business Intelligence Typical Customers

Oracle Business Intelligence is highly recommended for medium to large businesses. The developer was able to earn the confidence of thousands of clients using this suite and these firms come from a range of industries. Satisfied clients include Turkcell, ADNOC Distribution, Dongkuk Steel, National Instruments and many others. You’ll see that most of these are large firms and they only trust a reputable name when it comes to managing their corporate data.

Oracle Business Intelligence Features

Oracle Business Intelligence offers vast features that are tested to help businesses in many ways. Their fully interactive dashboards allow users to see detailed information customized based on things they want to see. Businesses can create analyses from zero or edit existing ones in the dashboard. It enables mobile analytics so you can use your smartphones and tablets to review data of your Oracle BI. When it is time to report, formatted templates are ready and your documents can be saved.

Oracle Business Intelligence also offers proactive alerts so you can see updated workflows based on current happenings, your stakeholders will be notified based on their desired medium. It also has an action framework, which means insights don’t just end up as insights. Actions can be done to address issues.

Oracle Business Intelligence 5 Pros

  • Complete with functionalities combined in one infrastructure such as Microsoft Office, real time intelligence, interactive dashboards and many others
  • The suite is not intended for single industry, and can be used by everyone and enjoyed everywhere, with much useful information across all organizational levels
  • Using data, you can think of new insights that could help your organization, as this is the software to use for innovation.
  • Make use of different deployment methods based on the nature of business with the use of packaged tools.
  • Oracle Business Intelligence features easy to use interface, query, and analyses for comprehensive evaluation of critical business data.

Oracle Business Intelligence 2 Cons

  • Oracles Business Intelligence has limited and bothersome prompting capabilities that sometimes hinder in smooth operations.
  • It would be better if Oracle could work on other feature lags such as integration on Vista Gadgets and the BI search tool.

Oracle Business Intelligence Alternatives

The main competitors for Oracle Business Intelligence are SAP BI and Netsuite BI.

SAP BI is an enterprise BI platform which includes Lumira which is a visualization tool used for graphical trend analysis. Then there is Business Objects which can be used for multi-dimensional data analysis from multiple data sources, and can be run on the desktop, web or even mobile devices. Additionally it includes a Design Studio for development of interactive real-time dashboards, as well as Crystal Reports for customized report building. Finally it can integrate with Microsoft Office and GIS systems to display location based analysis as well.

Oracle Business Intelligence provides a similar platform for multi-dimensional analytics which can integrate with OLAP based applications. Its features include business forecasting, scenario modeling as well as scorecard analysis to manage business strategic objectives with visual dashboards. Additionally there is support for predictive analytics to help in business decision making, and a reporting module for web based publishing & delivery of customized reports.

Then there is Netsuite BI with analytics for opportunity identification, trend analysis as well issues mapping. Additionally the software unifies all relevant data sources into one single repository for consistent data viewing, and there is dashboard support which can be customized for KPIs and performance analysis.

Oracle Business Intelligence on the other hand includes a BI publisher tool for delivery of reports in multiple formats for ad hoc as well as scheduled requirements. Additionally there are features for visualization recommendation to get the optimal display layout, as well as formats for performance tiles, waterfall graphs and mapping as well.

Oracle Business Intelligence Pricing Information

Oracle Business Intelligence is offered in various plans. You can have it as a subscription and pay a monthly fee, or go for one-time payment and use.

Oracle Business Intelligence demo

25 questions to ask the vendor on Oracle Business Intelligence demo

Oracle Business Intelligence Categories

BI & Analytics
Data mining
Mobile BI


Address: Oracle Corp, Oracle Parkway, Redwood City, CA
Customers: Medium business, Large business
Business Area: Cross Business Areas
Platforms: Desktop, Cloud
Operating Systems: Mac OS, Windows, Linux

Oracle Business Intelligence Features

Ad-Hoc Analysis
Ad-Hoc Reporting
Automatic Scheduled Reporting
Customizable Dashboard
Multy Languages
Profit Analysis

Oracle Business Intelligence Demo:

Oracle Business Intelligence Video:

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