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Last updated: Sep 25, 2018

QuickBooks Review

29 reviews

Starting from $250 Per license

QuickBooks Premier 2013 is an accounting software that designed by Intuit and released in 2014. The application is aimed at keeping business financial records in order. The software is quite easy to use and doe

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What is QuickBooks? Updated: Sep 25, 2018

QuickBooks Premier 2013 is an accounting software that designed by Intuit and released in 2014. The application is aimed at keeping business financial records in order. The software is quite easy to use and does not necessarily require any accounting background for using it. It has a very simple interface and requires basic data entry for processing other technical accounting matters. Intuit is known for its financial-related applications like Quicken and others.

QuickBooks Average Rating -

The average rating of QuickBooks is 5 stars. The rating is based on 29 aggregated online reviews.

QuickBooks Typical Customers

QuickBooks Premier 2014 was designed for use by every type of business. Freelancers, small businesses, large companies, non profits, charities and public administrations can all use this software for accounting purposes. The features and general setup of this software targets general businesses, and can be used by professionals and informal businesses alike. QuickBooks Premier 2014 will help you monitor your financial records at all times and keep track of your business growth.

QuickBooks Features

QuickBooks Premier 2014 has so many features that will be useful for your business. Once you comprehend all the basic features and functions, you will have a smooth running in terms of bookkeeping. Invoices, expenses, billing, sales and taxes are all captured in the system. When an entry is made, the relevant transactions are applied to the specific accounts and you can get a readable report immediately. Since QuickBooks Premier 2014 supports integration of various Microsoft programs, you can seamlessly import data from spreadsheets.

QuickBooks 5 Pros

  • QuickBooks Premier 2013 has a customizable navigation panel that allows easy data entering
  • QuickBooks Premier 2013 integrates with Microsoft programs like Excel which supports data import
  • QuickBooks Premier 2013 includes a new contact management feature
  • QuickBooks Premier 2013 has tips and tutorials for users
  • QuickBooks Premier 2013 includes templates for various industries

QuickBooks 2 Cons

  • QuickBooks Premier 2013 help system could use some improvement
  • There have been complains of slow speeds when using QuickBooks Premier 2013

QuickBooks Alternatives

QuickBooks Premier has two main competitors and these are Zoho Books and Xero.

Zoho Books is available as a cloud based solution and is focused on accounting requirements for small businesses. Its features include invoicing, inventory management, bank reconciliation, journals and financial reporting with dashboard support. It also supports project billing, sales tax tracking and can be accessed via mobile devices as well. Additionally the product provides an open API which allows it to integrate to multiple third party software.

Quickbooks Premier in comparison is also an SMB accounting package but it is provided as an on premise desktop edition. In addition to the basic accounting features, it also supports additional functions such as payment processing, payroll, check management as well as point of sale which can be integrated for an additional cost. If clients require there is also an option to subscribe to the Quickbooks Plus Hosting service which gives access to a hosted version of the product.

Xero offers another cloud based accounting package with a free trial period. It includes invoicing, purchasing, inventory, expense claims, payroll and fixed assets as standard with the product. In addition it support multiple currencies and provides an App library through which customers can add a variety of productivity tools that include CRM, payment processing and workflow management.

While Quickbooks Premier also offers a free trial, unlike its competitors it also has a fairly unique sixty day money back satisfaction guarantee on purchase. This gives companies the added comfort of ensuring the product fits their requirements.

QuickBooks Pricing Information

QuickBooks Premier 2014 currently costs $499.95 for an annual single user license.

QuickBooks demo

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QuickBooks Categories

Medical Accounting
Core Accounting
Billing & Invoicing
Accounting & Finance
Time Tracking


Address: Intuit, Marine Way, Mountain View, CA
Customers: Start up, Small business, Medium business
Business Area: Finance management
Platforms: Desktop, Mobile, Cloud
Operating Systems:

QuickBooks Features

Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Audit Trail
Balance Sheet
Billing & Invoicing
Check Printing
Credit Card Processing
P&L Statement
Purchase Orders
Sales Reporting
Time & Expense
Invoice Scheduling
Invoice Templates
Time and Expense Tracking

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