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Last updated: Apr 07, 2018

SocialBro Review

18 reviews

Starting from $14 Per month/user

Get accurate information about your community, get to know your audience in-depth and interact efficiently with your contacts. With the powerful search options, bring into clear focus your target audience of cl

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What is SocialBro? Updated: Apr 07, 2018

As a business, your social media strategy will define how successful you are online. Businesses are often confused as to how to manage their Twitter presence, where to start and what to tweet. It is here that an app like SocialBro helps. This Spanish company, launched in 2011, is the tool for you if you are looking for brand management.

Focusing itself solely on Twitter, SocialBro offers you incredible features, analytics tool and saves your time. Developed by three software engineers in Spain, the app has managed to get 100,000 users.

With lots of tweets and followers adding up daily in your account, it can be a little overwhelming to manage your business presence on Twitter.

SocialBro Average Rating -

The average rating of SocialBro is 4.9 stars. The rating is based on 18 aggregated online reviews.

SocialBro Typical Customers

All kinds of enterprises, from start-up organisation to large business, can avail the amazing features that SocialBro offers. If you wish to understand what kind of people you should engage with and analyse which content of yours impacts your followers the most, SocialBro is the app for you.

SocialBro Features

SocialBro offers you the basic understanding about the people ‘you’ follow and ‘who’ follow you. SocialBro has varying editions. The free version (SocialBro Desktop) is available as a Chrome app (run on Google browser, online or offline) and Adobe Air app (run right on desktop). It limits your access to the computer on which you have installed the app. The paid edition is cloud based systems which stores your information allowing you to access it from any network devices.

SocialBro aids you by helping you find the the right audience to engage with. The filter and keyword search functions helps you in targeting your audience on individual basis and deliver the right data to them. You can also monitor hashtags and analyse your Twitter competitors. It shows you the time when your followers are active so that you know the best time to tweet, to engage and offer the right content to your audience. There is the option to export reports into PDF files as well. Its advanced search option tells you who is tweeting about you the most or who is looking for certain service in a particular location.

SocialBro 5 Pros

  • Geographical mapping of your community
  • Provides Dashboard for your Twitter community
  • Competitor analysis becomes easy
  • Information about when your followers are online is extremely beneficial
  • Analytical feature of Twitter users and ability to engage the audience stands out

SocialBro 2 Cons

  • Free version offers limited Features
  • Presentation could be slicker

SocialBro Alternatives

Among its competitors are Sproutsocial, Buffer, Tweepi, TweetDeck and Hootsuite. While SocialBro’s presentation could be slicker, its features like Geographical mapping of your community, in-depth analysis of your followers, sets it apart from others.

SocialBro Pricing Information

Price- Free trial, Subscription. Paid plan starts from $14/month. Platforms- Desktop, Cloud.

SocialBro demo

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SocialBro Categories

Social Media
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Address: 350 Rhode Island Street San Francisco, CA
Customers: Start up, Small business, Medium business, Large business
Business Area: Cross Business Areas
Platforms: Desktop
Operating Systems:

SocialBro Features

Business Content Sharing
Twitter Integration

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