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Last updated: Mar 25, 2018

SocialFlow Review

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Start up, Small business, Medium business, Large business

Launched in 2009, SocialFlow is a Social Media Optimisation platform that helps you improve the business performance on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Developed by Frank Speiser and Mike Perrone,

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What is SocialFlow? Updated: Mar 25, 2018

Launched in 2009, SocialFlow is a Social Media Optimisation platform that helps you improve the business performance on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Developed by Frank Speiser and Mike Perrone, SocialFlow believes in utilisation of key metrics like clicks per tweet, number of likes, shares, followers, to generate active social media engagement.

SocialFlow offers technology that helps you to measure your Brand activity on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Helping you with your content so as to maximise your user engagement, it works closely with Facebook and Twitter and keeps your users updates about changes and innovations in your product. It handles all your brand activity at just one platform.

SocialFlow Average Rating -

The average rating of SocialFlow is 3.9 stars. The rating is based on 5 aggregated online reviews.

SocialFlow Typical Customers

Marketing is the first love for every brand, however, it becomes hard to measure its effectiveness. SocialFlow is good in managing brand activity for all kinds of enterprises – especially for medium and big enterprises. As a start-up organisation though, even if you are looking for driving more traffic to your brand, SocialFlow does not seem to be your ideal choice with plans of over $99 a month. It helps your brand get maximum exposure on Facebook and Twitter.

SocialFlow Features

SocialFlow uses real-time data to make you understand the consistent changes in interests of your consumers. It maps your content to the windows where you can get maximum traffic. It advanced technology gives you a complete picture of how well your brand is performing on social front. It helps you to send right message at the right time to right audience.

SocialFlow uses complex algorithms to figure out when a topic gains interest of you audience and when is it being discussed most heavily. It increases the likelihood of your interaction with your consumers via retweets or a click through. It allows you to schedule your messages but the best part is its optimization feature. The algorithms find out for you, what time would be best for your next post depending upon the involvement of you audience. It can also analyse Facebook data for you so that you gain a better understanding of what posts engages you audience best.

SocialFlow 5 Pros

  • Efficient social graphs tell you the value of your content
  • SocialFlow is best for maximising potential engagement with your audience
  • Maximises audience growth
  • Optimises your content depending upon what interests your audience
  • Viewing of conversation in real-time

SocialFlow 2 Cons

  • Can be expensive for start-up organisations
  • Overall features are good, but could be more effective

SocialFlow Alternatives

Among its competitors are Viralheat, Sproutsocial, Freshbooks, PageLever and Buffer. SocialFlow’s ability to send out your message live at the most optimum time possible based on its unique optimisation algorithms sets it apart from others. While there are competitors like SproutSoccial which outdoes SocialFlow in many other aspects, when it comes to analytical detailing and posting so as to create the maximum ripples, SocialFlow does the best.

SocialFlow Pricing Information

Price - Paid plan starts with $99 per month.
Platforms - Desktop, smartphone, and cloud.

SocialFlow demo

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Address: New York 10017, United States
Customers: Start up, Small business, Medium business, Large business
Business Area: Cross Business Areas
Platforms: Desktop
Operating Systems:

SocialFlow Features

Publishing Social Content
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