Telax Hosted Call Center Review

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Last updated: Nov 30, 2018

Telax Hosted Call Center Review

4 reviews

Small business, Medium business

Telax Hosted Call Center is a web-based contact center software that can offer users a cost effective and flexible customer service. It can reduce the costs and headaches of implementation, support and manageme

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What is Telax Hosted Call Center? Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Telax Hosted Call Center is a web-based contact center software that can offer users a cost effective and flexible customer service. It can reduce the costs and headaches of implementation, support and management of complex technologies. Users can get started with Telax anytime they want as it doesn’t require facing any installation or downloading problems.

Telax Hosted Call Center was founded back in 1997 with a view to offer a contact center solution that can make customers happy. The developers are known for offering flexible solutions and they work directly with a company’s team to configure the hosted call center solution according to their needs.

Telax Hosted Call Center Average Rating -

The average rating of Telax Hosted Call Center is 4 stars. The rating is based on 4 aggregated online reviews.

Telax Hosted Call Center Typical Customers

Telax Hosted Call Center is best for medium size enterprises that are looking for a way to improve their contact center. The solution is best for educational, automotive, customer service, financial service, health care, hospitality, insurance, medical, business process outsourcing and mortgage industries. Johnson and Johnson, Northrop Grumman and Health Canada are some of the clients of Telax Hosted Call Center.

Telax Hosted Call Center Features

Telax Hosted Call Center comes with automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, workforce management, CRM integration, distributed teams, quality assurance and reports and analytics. The automatic call distribution feature can help users to get the call to the right person at the right time to create a better experience for users. Moreover, you can forecast your resources requirements and check historical and real time reports to make sure that your team is going according to schedules.

The CRM integration feature can make sure that all the agents get the required information in real time to provide great customer experiences. It can also route callers to the last agent they spoke automatically to improve service levels. Users can bring a distributed team together under one solution using the “distributed teams” features. The reports and analytics features come with business intelligence to help users know about market trends and customer preferences.

Telax Hosted Call Center 5 Pros

  • Telax Hosted Call Center is specifically designed for mid-sized enterprises to help them improve their customer service
  • Telax Hosted Call Center offers highly scalable interface that can be customized according to your needs
  • The customer support of Telax Hosted Call Center offers 24/7 help for their clients
  • The customer center solution comes with a flat fee subscription without involving any hidden costs
  • The software comes with workforce management features which is not seen in most of the other customer center tools

Telax Hosted Call Center 2 Cons

  • Telax Hosted Call Center doesn’t offer much agent scripting components like other similar tools
  • Telax Hosted Call Center doesn’t offer any mobile contact center solution like other similar tools

Telax Hosted Call Center Alternatives

Some of the key competitors for Telax Hosted Call Center are SafeSoft Cloud Contact Center and Five9 Virtual Call Center.

SafeSoft Cloud Contact Center handles incoming & outgoing call management as separate services as well as a blended option. It is offered as a cloud based solution and includes an integrated CRM system to manage and track customers, while feeding relevant information to agents to improve customer engagement. The solution can be used both for sales & customer service contact centers, and supports the main call management features that include automated call distribution, interactive voice response, as well as dynamic call scripting.

Telax Hosted Call Center works in much the same way as SafeSoft Cloud Contact Center. However it provides some additional features such as workforce management to better schedule agents based on call traffic load analysis. There is also support for quality improvement through call monitoring & review, customer feedback, as well as assessment and agent scoring.

Five9 Virtual Call Center on the other hand supports multiple channels for customer contact which in addition to voice include email, chat and social media interactions which are not supported by Telax Hosted Call Center. Additionally the software provides APIs for integration to other customer applications, and predictive dialers to ensure higher probability of customer contact.

Telax Hosted Call Center however also provides business analytics tools that focus on industry benchmarks for service, as well as to monitor compliance with service level agreements. Additionally the product provides agents with integrated learning content to improve call management with coaching services included as well.

Telax Hosted Call Center Pricing Information

Telax Hosted Call Center’s pricing plans are only available by request. People interested to try this software can learn more about the software on their official website.

Telax Hosted Call Center demo

25 questions to ask the vendor on Telax Hosted Call Center demo

Telax Hosted Call Center Categories

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Call Monitoring
Call Recording
Conference Calling
Call Center
Call Center Workforce Management
Call Tracking


Address: Toronto, ON, Canada
Website:Telax Hosted Call Center
Customers: Small business, Medium business
Business Area: Cross Business Areas
Platforms: Desktop, Mobile, Cloud
Operating Systems: Mac OS, Windows, Linux

Telax Hosted Call Center Features

CRM with Call Center
Inbound Call Center
IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
Outbound Call Center
Real Time Reporting

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