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Last updated: Sep 19, 2018

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UberVU Review

11 reviews

Starting from $499 Per month/user

UberVU provides a platform that helps companies understand how well social media marketing is improving their brand online. It does this by finding insights and trending social topics, suggesting content for p


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What is UberVU? Updated: Sep 19, 2018

UberVU provides a platform that helps companies understand how well social media marketing is improving their brand online. It does this by finding insights and trending social topics, suggesting content for posting and then unifying the process of monitoring, collaborating and reporting in one single dashboard.

The company was founded in the UK in 2008 with the goal of providing next generation analytics for social media.

It is now based in Boston and in 2014 has been taken over by HootSuite which provides a social media management system for which UberVU is a natural addition.

UberVU Average Rating -

The average rating of UberVU is 4.5 stars. The rating is based on 11 aggregated online reviews.

UberVU Typical Customers

UberVU is best used by customers who want to learn about how their company or brand is performing on social media. This tool is especially effective for marketing departments who are focused on building brand awareness and need an integrated tool to monitor the entire social media space.

The software automates many of the tasks the marketing team has to do including detecting emerging trends and influencers important for the company or brand, finding insights, and optimizing time for all social media posts for maximum engagement with followers and customers.

The software is designed to be cross industry and is mainly focused on mid-range to large enterprises. It currently has over 200 clients in 40 countries which include Phillips, MTV, Dassault Systems, NBC and Getty Images.

UberVU Features

UberVU offers one integrated dashboard that gives a real time feed of all emerging trends and topics across multiple social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

This reduces time taken to monitor this information as well as improves response time to address these effectively. Additionally the platform allows you to get in depth data on key influencers leading a conversation relevant to the company or brand, and allows you to start conversations with them to build on the brand awareness.

Another good feature is that you are able to schedule responses to relevant posts, as well as have UberVU analyze the best time to respond to maximize the audience for your announcements. The dashboard allows you to keep track of all relevant social stats such as likes, tweets, etc while allowing you to check sentiment in your social community to determine if any action needs to be taken if it is drifting into the negative arena.

This combined with smart reporting, data visualization and graphic representations means UberVU allows your company to be proactive in social media and actively build a solid presence for your brand.

UberVU 5 Pros

  • It offers one single dashboard that covers all social media platforms to give you a clear picture of where your brand or company stands
  • UberVU offers detailed analytics, workflow and engagement capabilities to proactively find and address problems before they occur
  • The software saves a lot of time spent in watching multiple social media platforms and instead allows more time for decision-making, strategy development and running better campaigns.
  • A dedicated account manager is provided for each client to service all their needs and requirements
  • The software pricing is based on social media streams and offers full features to all customers

UberVU 2 Cons

  • The product is not focused for the SME market
  • While all features are provided, some of them may not be required by all clients

UberVU Alternatives

Some of the main competitors for UberVU are SproutSocial and Sendible.

SproutSocial provides its own collaboration platform to engage with customers on social media, allows the posting of messages & marketing campaigns to all major social networks, and analyzes the impact of such activities on corporate branding. There is also a social CRM to manage and target social media customers, as well as monitoring tools to track the latest conversations & trends which affect the organization’s reputation.

In comparison UberVU focuses on determining how well a company is perceived on social media. It does this by tracking conversations, trending stories and key individual influencers that are relevant to the company’s business. Additionally there is a scheduler to trigger posts automatically, as well as a search facility to find the right audience. There are also analytic tools monitor the volume of conversations and types of feelings on issues of concern to the company, to enable proactive action to avoid potential problems.

Then there is Sendible which is quite similar to UberVU but utilizes its social CRM module to develop potential leads for sales development. Additionally there is a reputation monitor score that enables companies to react quickly to negative trending issues on all social platforms. The product is also available for use on mobile devices as well.

While UberVU supports many of these features it also provides geo location services to identify key areas where customer trends are developing. In addition companies can also build conversation maps based on trending keywords to attract more interest in their social marketing campaigns.

UberVU Pricing Information

The product’s pricing is not based on users, but instead on number of streams which is basically anything that you wish to monitor on social media.

Their plans start at US$499 per month with unlimited users and all product features included. A dedicated account manager will assist the client in customizing the price plan based on the number of streams the client needs to monitor in a month.

UberVU demo

25 questions to ask the vendor on UberVU demo

UberVU Categories

Complaint Management
Customer Engagement
Small Business CRM
Social CRM
Brand Management
Marketing Automation
Online Marketing
Social Media


Address: Cambridge, MA
Customers: Large business
Business Area: Cross Business Areas
Platforms: Desktop, Cloud
Operating Systems: Mac OS, Windows, Linux

UberVU Features

Campaign Management
Social Media
Blogger Integration
Business Content Sharing
Facebook Integration
Twitter Integration
WYSIWYG App Builder

UberVU Demo:

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