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Last updated: Nov 30, 2018

VanillaSoft Review

61 reviews

Small business, Medium business

VanillaSoft is a lead management solution designed to help users manage every lead smoothly and offers automatic lead routing to send the right leads to the right people. The solution can go up and runn


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What is VanillaSoft? Updated: Nov 30, 2018

VanillaSoft is a lead management solution designed to help users manage every lead smoothly and offers automatic lead routing to send the right leads to the right people. The solution can go up and run in a very short time and doesn’t require any IT team.

VanillaSoft has been providing lead management solution since 2003 and has served customers in over 23 countries so far.

VanillaSoft Average Rating -

The average rating of VanillaSoft is 4.5 stars. The rating is based on 61 aggregated online reviews.

VanillaSoft Typical Customers

VanillaSoft is suitable for a wide range of industries including insurance, banking and finance, education, manufacturing, mortgage, telemarketing, media and communications and nonprofit. Valor Medical Supplies, Concepta and Data Strategy are some of the clients of VanillaSoft.

VanillaSoft Features

VanillaSoft comes with robust web reporting, data querying, real-time management dashboard, lead scoring, custom fields support, intelligent call recording, appointment setting, automatic lead distribution, team-based selling, multi-level selling and email templates features. Users can create reports on all call information, last call information or try the pre-formatted call activity report template included in the solution. It’s also easy to create multiple teams and design team-specific result codes for reporting and lead management.

VanillaSoft Alternatives

Insightly is a cloud based CRM solution that includes project management functionality to track status and progress across any customer related project. In addition the product offers integration to a number of third party applications that include Google Apps, Evernote, Outlook and MailChimp to mention a few.

VanillaSoft on the other hand does not support any project management features, but does include auto dialing and telephony features which are integrated into the product. This allows for the setup, management, monitoring, as well as recording of a call center to handle the voice interactions for the development of potential leads. Insightly does not support these call center features.

However Insightly does offer a free plan for new customers with basic functionality and limited leads so that they can work with the product with no upfront investment. This is suitable for small companies and startups that require an extended trial period before migrating to a paid option. VanillaSoft does not currently provide any such free options.

Salesforce is another cloud based solution that includes Sales Cloud which addresses opportunity & lead management, sales forecasting and collaboration, workflow and approvals, as well as performance management through In addition it offers Service Cloud to address issue resolution & customer service across multiple channels, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud to handle campaign management and a social network called Chatter for team interaction.

In comparison VanillaSoft does not provide such a comprehensive suite of functionality. The product’s primary focus is leads & sales tracking, email marketing, call management and lead integration. Therefore it is better suited for companies looking for a focused solution to complement their existing operations, rather than a full suite of solutions such as Salesforce.

VanillaSoft Pricing Information

VanillaSoft is available in three different pricing plans for users starting from $25 per user per month. People interested to purchase this solution can try the free trial.

VanillaSoft demo

25 questions to ask the vendor on VanillaSoft demo

VanillaSoft Categories

Sales Force Automation (SFA)
Sales Automation
Lead Management
Hotel CRM
Marketing Automation
Small Business CRM
Real Estate CRM
Pharmaceutical CRM
Online CRM
Lead Generation
Insurance CRM


Address: Plano, TX
Customers: Small business, Medium business
Business Area: Cross Business Areas
Platforms: Desktop, Mobile, Cloud
Operating Systems: Mac OS, Windows, Linux

VanillaSoft Features

Data Import/Export
Basic Reports
Online Customer Support

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