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Textura was founded in 2004 by three PricewaterhouseCoopers Partners. The construction industry had yet to embrace the benefits that online technologies represented. Textura saw this as an incredible opportunity to take manual paper laden processes and automate them using the internet. Designed in collaboration with industry experts, Textura commercially launched the first of its applications, Construction Payment Management (Textura®−CPM), in mid-2006. Textura−CPM is an online invoicing and payment management solution that leverages electronic signatures, automated workflow and electronic payments to bring efficiencies to the construction invoicing and payment process. In just a few short years Textura−CPM has become the industry standard.

Textura Corporation - 3 software products

1. Textura

  • Best for: Medium business, Large business
  • Price: Starting from $250 per license
  • Jul 21, 2020
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Textura is a payment management system built for construction companies. It can mitigate risk, streamline and automate processes, reduce cost and increase cash flow. Textura software features are Bid Management, Document Management, Qualification Management, Payment Management, One-Click Estimates, ...

2. Submittal Exchange

  • Best for: Medium business, Large business
  • Price:
  • Aug 25, 2020
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Submittal Exchange software is a cloud-based Construction Management solution built for reviewing, exchanging, and archiving RFIs, construction submittals, as well as other construction communications through electronic means.

3. BidOrganizer

  • Best for: Small business, Medium business, Large business
  • Price:
  • Nov 05, 2019
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BidOrganizer is a web-based bid management app which allows management of multiple bids. It tracks, manages and helps prioritize a company’s various construction bids. Bids are prioritized according to the company’s or the client’s bid history, as well as the chances of winning. The prioritization a...

Company: Textura Corporation
Address Deerfield, IL
Vendor Type: ISV
Proficiency: Software Development
Employees: 501-1,000
Industry Focus: Information Technology and Services