Zoho Projects Review

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Last updated: Oct 22, 2018

Zoho Projects Review

156 reviews

Starting from $25 Per month

Zoho Projects is a web based project management software that has been building a good reputation online. It offers team members a secure environment for collaborating and ensuring that work is accomplished on

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What is Zoho Projects? Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Zoho Projects is a web based project management software that has been building a good reputation online. It offers team members a secure environment for collaborating and ensuring that work is accomplished on time.

Zoho Projects was developed by Zoho Corporation Pvt, a privately held Indian company which was founded in 1996.

Zoho Projects Average Rating -

The average rating of Zoho Projects is 4 stars. The rating is based on 156 aggregated online reviews.

Zoho Projects Typical Customers

The creators of Zoho did not target a specific sector when developing this web based software, but rather designed the platform to meet the criteria of most users. Indeed, clients that are currently using Zoho Projects can found in many different fields, including real estate, manufacturing, construction, marketing, consulting, computer and software engineering.

Zoho Projects would be a great solution for a medium size business. Some of its current clients include Red Write Web, Webware, ZD Net, The New York Times, Pc World, Techcrunch, Techbridge, Eastern European Mission and Abacus Concepts.

Zoho Projects Features

Zoho Projects offers a task management tool that allows users to organize tasks into a list and ensure their completion within the determined time frame. The billing tool provides project managers data regarding the cost and time and resources spent on a particular task.

With the presentation chart, team members can demonstrate project tasks using a Gantt chart which clearly displays priorities and the time required for accomplishing each task.

By integrating other online applications such as Google Apps and Dropbox, Zoho offers even more features to its clients.

Zoho Projects 5 Pros

  • Integration with Google Apps, Dropbox and Github
  • A useful project wiki is included
  • Zoho Project supports multiple languages
  • Included online project chat
  • Project reports can be displayed in Gantt Charts

Zoho Projects 2 Cons

  • Limited number of users
  • No re-branding options are available

Zoho Projects Alternatives

The main competitors for Zoho Projects include Mavenlink & Clarizen.

Mavenlink provides a project management solution that focuses on team collaboration. There is a central dashboard to monitor all projects under implementation, as well as options for task management, documentation sharing and change request management. Additionally there is a project template library which can be utilized to handle common project related tasks. Project accounting is available to handle both fixed & variable cost projects with integration to Quickbooks for financial management.

Zoho Projects also provides a cloud based project management tool. It integrates project management plans with a collaboration platform, task management, and time & expense tracking. The product supports workflow automation and includes a logging system to track errors or changes that need to be addressed. Zoho Project is also mobile device access ready and supports project chat rooms & forums for real-time project discussions.

Clarizen on the other hand provides specialized project management solutions for project managers, IT Services teams, professional services management, marketing project teams, as well as software development. It includes an Apps marketplace which has added functionality to enhance the software, and supports social collaboration, customization and an API for integration to third party applications. Clarizen can also handle project budgeting requirements as well.

Zoho Projects does not support these functionally based project management requirements, but provides integration with Dropbox for project documentation storage & sharing, as well as reporting tools to measure project performance. Additionally it provides integration to select third party applications and includes support for multiple languages.

Zoho Projects Pricing Information

Basic edition is for free. Paid subscription starts from $199 per year up to $599 per year for the high-end solution.

Zoho Projects demo

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Zoho Projects Categories

Task Management
Project Resource Management
Project Planning
Online Project Management
Issue Management
Project Management
Bug Tracking
Time & Expense
File Sharing
Project Collaboration


Address: Zoho Corporation, Research Boulevard, Austin, TX
Customers: Small business, Medium business, Large business
Business Area: Cross Business Areas
Platforms: Desktop, Mobile, Cloud
Operating Systems: Mac OS, Windows, Linux

Zoho Projects Features

Agile Project Management
Document Management
Issue Tracking
Project Management
Resource Management

Zoho Projects 8 Alternatives