Top Accounting Software for CPAs


Make your practice more productive and profitable with cutting-edge accounting solutions while reducing time-consuming manual efforts. As certified public accountants, you need a solution that can help you manage finances for dozens of corporations at a time. CPA-specific accounting software are designed for reporting, auditing, payroll, tax preparation, and billing.

1. BillQuick

An ideal accounting solution for accountants, BillQuick features powerful tools to seamlessly handle day-to-day time tracking, billing & accounting, and project management. With anytime, anywhere access, the accounting software for CPAs is a highly flexible accounting and billing product in terms of deployment and functionality. The easy-to-use application is designed to ensure accurate time tracking and reduce overhead expenses for your practice.

Easy to integrate with third party applications, BillQuick flawlessly functions with your existing software solutions.  With certified partnerships with Microsoft and other leading names in the industry, the highly customizable & scalable solution enables you to import and customize accurate information.

Cons: New versions are released each year, which makes the dashboard little confusing for users, who are used to the old platform. Further, invoicing module could be improved to improve the utility of the application.

2. Xero

The cloud-based accounting solution, Xero gives you a clear real-time view of your cash flow and financial position. The simple, yet smart, accounting software features time-saving tools for easy invoicing, allowing automated import and coding of bank transactions.

With the intuitive application, you can keep a close eye on expenditure and stay on top of due payments. The simple-to-use product is easy to get started and features good reporting capabilities. The web-based solution can be accessed anywhere anytime.

Cons: The product is best for startups and small organizations and needs to include more features to handle sophisticated needs of clients.

3. Unanet Project Portfolio Financials

Designed with integrated capabilities, Unanet Project Portfolio Financials application is available as a software-as-a-service.  It is easy to customize and configure to meet specific needs of your business, making it simple to manage, track, and plan projects. The scalable, flexible, and feature-rich accounting software for CPAs is designed with resource requesting, project and resource management, project accounting, timesheet and expense management, workforce collaboration, and accounts receivable & payable capabilities.

With Unanet project tracking, it is easier to track projects, upload, manipulate, and export data to excel. Its lightweight, intuitive interface allows users to seamlessly and quickly configure roles for all processes.

Cons: A mobile application for time and expense entries could make things really simple for mobile users and improve its usability.

4. Xledger

The web-based application, Xledger is an intuitive finance management solution designed with features to help improve your control over your business finances. Scalable and easy to use, the accounting software is an all-in-one system designed with integrated and advanced functionality modules.

The configurable application is easy to implement and gives you up-to-date information required for making the best business decisions. With Xledger, you can have easy real-time reporting, business intelligence & analytics, drill-down capabilities, time & expense tracking, workflow collaboration, billing & invoicing, and multi-currency capabilities. Its automation capabilities help save you time, money, labor, and resources while reducing manual errors.

Cons: Custom reporting is possible with the application, but the feature could be improved to improve the overall efficiency of the product.

5. Cougar Mountain DENALI Software

Cougar Mountain Software is a feature-rich, customizable accounting solution.  Available both as an on-premise and cloud-based solution, Denali features inventory management, accounts payable & receivable, order entry, and general ledger capabilities. Users may request other features for extra price, including bank reconciliation, purchase orders, and payroll. Easy to customize, the accounting software can be integrated with a range of third party applications that speeds up data entry.

Cons: Customization feature could be improved further to give a better picture of how a screen looks.

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