Top 19 Call Center Software

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TOP 19 Call Center Software

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1. Nextiva Hosted Call Center

  • Best for: Small, medium and large size businesses
  • Price: starts at $11.95 per user/month
  • Mar 07, 2022
Compare Nextiva Hosted Call Center Vs. Nextiva Hosted Call Center

Nextiva is a cloud-based business phone system offered to companies. It can be integrated with various CRM applications. It offers two different packages for differently sized organizations. Using its powerful features, the company and product enhances work performance by means of communication.   ...

2. 8x8 Contact Center

  • Best for: SMBs
  • Price: starts at $15 per user/month
  • Mar 09, 2022
Compare 8x8 Contact Center Vs. Nextiva Hosted Call Center

8x8 Virtual Contact Center is a cloud-based call center solution that delivers greater productivity and flexible call center management. It works with 8x8 Virtual Office VoIP phone service to give users an easy-to-use yet extremely powerful contact center.   8x8 Virtual Contact Center was develope...

3. TouchStar Dialler

  • Best for: SMBs
  • Price:
  • Mar 22, 2022
Compare TouchStar Dialler Vs. Nextiva Hosted Call Center

TouchStar Dialer is a predictive dialer software that provides detailed management information which will allow contact center staff to easily assess data that is performing in real time. TouchStar Dialer has increased its productivity of predictive dialing by removing calls that are unproductive, s...

4. CenterWare Inbound

  • Best for: Medium and large size businesses
  • Price:
  • Mar 20, 2022
Compare CenterWare Inbound Vs. Nextiva Hosted Call Center

CenterWare Inbound is a cloud-based software that handles and streamlines the communication between agents and the various callers through intelligent routing capabilities. CenterWare Inbound strategically distributes each call that arrives at the call center and it helps to enhance the customer exp...

5. zendesk talk

  • Best for: Small, medium and large size businesses
  • Price: starts at $49 per user/month
  • Mar 18, 2022
Compare zendesk talk Vs. Nextiva Hosted Call Center

Zendesk Talk is a VoIP call center software designed to help companies talk directly to their customers and provide personalized solutions to every issue they face. Being an integrated solution, Zendesk Talk enables users to manage voice in the same workspace and other channels.


  • Best for: Small business, Large business
  • Price: starts at $1,000 per license
  • Apr 14, 2022
Compare USAN IVR Vs. Nextiva Hosted Call Center

USAN IVR is a Cloud-based Call Center Software that enables its users to set up an omnichannel IVR system to bolster customer service experience.

7. Telax Hosted Call Center

  • Best for: SMBs
  • Price: starts at $35 per user/month
  • Apr 16, 2022
Compare Telax Hosted Call Center Vs. Nextiva Hosted Call Center

Telax Hosted Call Center is a web-based contact center software that can offer users a cost effective and flexible customer service. It can reduce the costs and headaches of implementation, support and management of complex technologies. Users can get started with Telax anytime they want as it doesn...

8. Talkdesk

  • Best for: SMBs
  • Price: starts at $75 per user/month
  • May 15, 2022
Compare Talkdesk Vs. Nextiva Hosted Call Center

Talkdesk software is a cloud-hosted enterprise call center solution modeled to help businesses enhance customer satisfaction while still reducing the cost of customer support. The platform uses interactive voice response (IVR), automatic call distribution (ACD), as well as skills-based routing to ro...

9. inContact Cloud Contact Center

  • Best for: SMBs
  • Price: starts at $90 per user/month
  • Mar 31, 2022
Compare inContact Cloud Contact Center Vs. Nextiva Hosted Call Center

The inContact Cloud Contact Center is designed to help users to increase their market share and their profitability.

10. Five9 Virtual Call Center

  • Best for: Small, medium and large size businesses
  • Price: starts at $149 per month
  • May 22, 2022
Compare Five9 Virtual Call Center Vs. Nextiva Hosted Call Center

Five9 software is a comprehensive cloud-hosted contact center solution designed to serve inbound, outbound, omnichannel, or blended contact centers globally. The software uses the power of practical AI to enables agents customer service through email, phone, mobile, chat, and social media among othe...

11. Virtual Observer

  • Best for: SMBs
  • Price: starts at $20,000 per license
  • Apr 02, 2022
Compare Virtual Observer Vs. Nextiva Hosted Call Center

Virtual Observer is a cloud-based and an on-premise call recording and call monitoring software. Virtual Observer is suitable for the cloud-based platform that offers various services, which include desktop analytics, agent adherence, forecasting tools necessary for businesses, and advanced scheduli...

12. LiveVox Predictive Dialer

  • Best for: Small, medium and large size businesses
  • Price: starts at $2,500 per month
  • Apr 05, 2022
Compare LiveVox Predictive Dialer Vs. Nextiva Hosted Call Center

LiveVox Predictive Dialer is a cloud-based call center that is suitable for businesses of any size from small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises. With LiveVox Predictive Dialer, users can manage their agents from any location and provide real-time communications with their cu...

13. Voice2Phone Auto Dialer

  • Best for: Small businesses and start ups
  • Price: starts at $79.99 per month
  • Feb 02, 2020
Compare Voice2Phone Auto Dialer Vs. Nextiva Hosted Call Center

Voice2Phone Auto Dialer is a cloud-based call center that is suitable for use in all types of businesses. The Voice2Phone Auto Dialer can be used in all sizes of businesses including small-sized businesses, medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises.

14. XenCALL Predictive Dialer

  • Best for: SMBs
  • Price: starts at $120 per month
  • Apr 08, 2022
Compare XenCALL Predictive Dialer Vs. Nextiva Hosted Call Center

XenCALL Predictive Dialer is a cloud-based call center that is suitable for operations in businesses of all sizes from small-sized businesses, to large enterprises across numerous industries.

15. OXON

  • Best for: SMBs
  • Price: starts at $39 per feature/month
  • May 15, 2022
Compare OXON Vs. Nextiva Hosted Call Center

OXON is a cloud-based contact center management system that is developed to give users with a centralized and single platform for the management of customer communication.

16. Aceyus Call Center

  • Best for: Medium and large size businesses
  • Price:
  • May 15, 2022
Compare Aceyus Call Center Vs. Nextiva Hosted Call Center

The Aceyus Call Center is developed to help users in the optimization of their contact center operations through reporting, data collection, and data transformation solutions and contact treatment management.

17. QueueMetrics

  • Best for: Large business
  • Price: starts at $500 per year
  • May 16, 2022
Compare QueueMetrics Vs. Nextiva Hosted Call Center

QueueMetrics is a call center software developed as a call center monitoring platform for controlling, measuring, and improving all facets of a call center.

18. Enghouse Interactive Contact Center

  • Best for: Small, medium and large size businesses
  • Price: starts at $75 per user/month
  • May 23, 2022
Compare Enghouse Interactive Contact Center Vs. Nextiva Hosted Call Center

Enghouse Interactive Contact Center is a call center software offering users with multi-channel contact management, operator attendant console, interactive voice response/IVR, quality assessment and call recording.

19. Parakeet

  • Best for: Small, medium and large size businesses
  • Price: starts at $15 per user/month
  • Oct 03, 2019
Compare Parakeet Vs. Nextiva Hosted Call Center

Parakeet is an award-winning cloud-based Call Center software, it is designed to support small, medium and large size call centers. Parakeet received a rating of 2.5 from ITQlick team. The software cost is considered affordable (1/5) when compared to alternative solutions.

A Buyer's Guide to Call Center Solutions

Call Center Software Buyer’s Guide
Inbound calls, outbound calls or blended calls? If you’re in a call center business, aside from being 100% familiar with these terms, you probably also know the vast requirements in managing these different types of calls. Your clients could be the companies who want to launch series of products and they require inbound calling services or could be businesses who want to expand their reach through surveys and market research and they need your outbound calling services. Either type basically needs your well-trained call center agents, telephone sets, computer, and some scripts to assist them on entertaining each and every call. But if you’re a business owner who wants to lift up your call center into another level, then you need a technology that could make the most of your time, people, and investment. That technology is no other than the Call Center software solution.
We from fully understand the software solution requirements of every call center that provides services to different types and volumes of customers. That is why in this Buyer’s Guide, we are going to share with you the types, features, deployment models and trends in call center software technology that can further enhance your business’ overall performance. Call center is a booming industry. According to a report, more than 80% of customers today prefer to contact businesses over the phone against other communication channels. So if you think that you are one of those businesses that need to upgrade your existing CTI system, the solution more or less is on this buyer’s guide.
Most Call Center software solutions today allow call center agents to obtain and access relevant customer information within a single screen of a multi-channel desktop application program. Speaking of application programs, what basically differentiates one solution from the others are the level and type of functionalities that goes with them. Most systems cloud have been designed and developed to cater all types of calls (outbound, inbound, blended), but not all can provide a level of customer service that your company wants to achieve. So a smart way in selecting a call center software solution is by examining the functions that it can give and these functions are as follows:
  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)distributes or assigns incoming calls to agents based on their specific knowledge and skills.
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)integrates all customer contact channels, mainly the telephone, with computer systems thus allowing customers to quickly get in contact with an agent that can best fulfil their needs.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)allows customers to interact directly with the system until their needs are completely assisted or they will be routed to the appropriate agent for further assistance.
  • Predictive Dialeris used to initiate a number of calls at once and then automatically assigns agents to answer those numbers or lines that take the call.
  • Call Center Monitoringhelps call centers in assessing and improving the performance of their agents through various metrics (ex. KPI) and information gathering methods.
  • Call Accounting Softwareis a call logging system that captures, records and automatically computes the cost of telephone usage events.
  • Call Analyticsis used to determine the advertising source and destination of a call as well as manage and monitor the performance of call center agents.
  • CRM with Call Centerfunctionality is a software solution that covers both customer relationship management and call center management.
  • Commerce Supportis a combination of customer service and knowledge base solution that assists customers with online transactions such as buying decisions, RMA handling, and resolving technical issues and concerns.
When buying call center software solutions, next to understanding the types, another effective way in selecting the right solution for your business is by going in-depth with the features. If you’re a veteran in the call center business, you probably know exactly what feature works and what doesn’t. However, because modern call center solutions are more robust, more flexible and more scalable, there are newer features that should not be underestimated by any buyer regardless of his background or experience. We from are adept with the trends in modern software solutions for business. And when it comes to call center software solutions, here are the trending features that we know can provide significant impacts into the future of your business.
Inbound Calling Features
  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
  • Automatic Number Identification (ANI)
  • Call Queue Management
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Dial Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Speech Recognition
  • Virtual Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
  • Skills-Based Routing
  • Text-to-Speech Conversion
  • Toll Free Number Provisioning
  • Voicemail System
Outbound Calling Features
  • Auto Dialer
  • Campaign Management
  • Call List Imports
  • Outbound Interactive Voice Response
  • Power Dialer
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Preview Dialer
  • Progressive Dialer
Blended Calling Features
  • Call Back
  • Call Conferencing
  • Call Scripting
  • Case and Contact Management
  • Customizable Fields
  • Knowledgebase
  • Surveys
  • Virtual Call Center Support
  • Web Call Back
  • Web Collaboration
Analysis, Reporting and Integration Features
  • Call Logging
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Recording
  • Call Scoring Templates
  • Campaign History Tracking
  • Contact History Tracking
  • Reports Customization
  • Real-time Reporting
  • CRM Integration
  • Database Integration
  • Email Integration
  • Website Integration
  • Workforce Management Integration
Solutions per Business Size, per Vendor
Call center solutions are just these same with other business software solutions on the methods of deployment. Cloud-based and on-premise models are also the available options in the market for call center software products. Most of the on-premise type is a no monthly fee, no contract solution. You purchase the software license, install it on your agent’s desktop in just a matter of minutes, and you are ready to get into business. Software-as-a-Service or the cloud-based type, on the other hand, is a subscription-based model. You need to pay for a premium that is usually billed to you on a monthly basis.
Call center is there to handle calls and therefore any call center solution seeker must also take into consideration the costs involve in making calls. Most solution providers will charge you on your local and international calls on top of your monthly subscription (for cloud-based) or one-time license (for on-premise) fee. It is important to note that solutions such as VoIP, SIP Trunking, and virtual PBX are also factors to consider when setting up a call center business. Inquire these matters to you preferred solution provider before you engage in any contract or avail any service plans.
There is a right software solution for any size of business or amount of budget that you have. There are industry-specific solutions which are for unique businesses such as hospitals, financial institutions, and other businesses in the vertical market. There are enterprise grade solutions which can be integrated with larger systems such as CRM and Help Desk. Virtual call center is a growing industry that also requires solutions that could best answer their needs for operation. would like you to consider all of the above factors before launching your call center software investment.
Pricing Considerations
It is also great to know that there are free trial software products being offered by most call center solution providers. Lasting from 14 up to 30 days, you can initiate calls, allow a certain number of agents to use it, and explore the basic up to the advanced features free of charge. While demo products are not as comprehensive as the paid versions, it has been proven in the software industry that taking those free simulations right before you make your purchase enhances your agents’ skills and overall familiarization of the system.
Pricing models for the on-premise and cloud-based call center solutions are pretty straightforward. For on-premise solutions, the price ranges from $1000 up $3000 per software license. For cloud-based solutions, the price ranges from $10 to $100 per agent per month. You can choose between basic, professional and enterprise plans on both models.
Here are then the lists of solutions providers grouped according to the size of call center businesses that they serve.
Solutions for Small Business
  • SugarCRM
  • Sage Saleslogix
  • Leads360
  • SoftVu
  • Libra OnDemand
Solutions for Large Enterprises
  • inContact
  • Salesforce
  • Chrodiant
  • Pegasystems
  • Aplicor
For large enterprises, many from the above providers offer CRM with call center functionality. We recommend that you pay a visit on the provider’s website to get to know more about the scope and coverage of their offered solution packages.
Market Trends
There has been a lot of positive trends going on in the call center industry which are clear indications that it is continuously growing and improving.
One of the hottest trends is the used of the cloud. According to a report, more and more call centers will be using cloud-based frame work within the next two to three years.
Mobile applications for call centers are also on the rise. In the US and Canada alone, it was reported that nearly 40% of inbound calls are answered via smartphones. Web services like web chat and call-back are already being integrated with mobile call center apps to boost customer engagement and overall experience.
Advanced technologies such as voice biometrics can now be seen on many call center software solutions. It provides stronger method of authentication among callers thus preventing cases of identity theft and frauds.
These trends are clearly calling every call center owners like you to start finding the right software solution for your business. And today could be the right time to dial the numbers of the solution provider of your choice.

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Finding the right Call Center software for your business
Proper Call Center software selections are the precursor to successful deployment and business growth. Finding the right Call Center solutions doesnít have to be complicated, and it doesnít have to take days or weeks of your time.

After researching over 5,000 systems, we can identify the best solution for companies of all shapes and sizes. is 100% free for software buyers.

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