AVG vs. Kaspersky

AVG vs. Kaspersky
AVG vs. Kaspersky

Kaspersky provides security on the internet and on your computers since 1997. It was founded by Eugene Kaspersky in Moscow, Russia with a motive to provide complete security solutions. It is currently catering to almost 200 countries worldwide and has a customer base of over 300 million.

AVG came into existence in the year 1991 by two Czech engineers named Jan Gritzbach and Tomas Hofer, who identified the need for such a robust system, which saved personal information and data in a computer. AVG today has over 200 million active users and is a trusted name in the online security industry.

Ease of Use –AVG vs. Kaspersky

AVG sports an easy to use tool bar and interface which comes in handy with new users. It is specifically built for users who do not intend to spend too much time on scanning and can access scanning with just a single click.

Moreover, it bypasses already scanned files, which were marked safe in the previous scan, and continues its scanning on the newer files.

Kaspersky’s interface, though cumbersome, still manages to be fresh and clear. It uses colour coded graphics which lets the user know the security status. Users can also personalize the scan settings easily and do not be worried when the scan is already running.

Reliability –AVG vs. Kaspersky

Kaspersky has an overall support for all its products and that too, round the clock. A toll free number can be called anytime and help will be provided as required. There is an online troubleshooter as well as a knowledge base, which provides immediate support to the users. It has email support, FAQs and live chat facility as well.

AVG also has a 24/7 support system through a toll free number or via the chat function. It is available on the website of AVG. It comes with an AVG Advisor, which monitors your computer while the scan is running and recognizes problems, and suggests solutions for the same. This comes in handy with all the inexperienced users.

Speed – AVG vs. Kaspersky

AVG has scored very highly in random tests across the globe. It installs easily on any computer, even infected ones, and starts monitoring right away. In case malware restricts installation of the same, it can still be installed in safe mode. It requires very less space too, hence, doesn’t eat up too much memory.

Kaspersky is downloadable from the website for free, but comes with an installation CD/DVD for the paid version as well. It consumes very less space and doesn’t create problems with the computer’s usage.

Only thing is that Kaspersky doesn’t check prevalent antivirus softwares already installed in the system, resulting in conflicts and misreading registry files.

Features – AVG vs. Kaspersky

Kaspersky runs on real-time. It comes with four types of scans – Full scan, Critical Area Scan, Vulnerability Scan and individual file scan. Whenever an outer storage device is connected to the computer, it will ask for a full scan of the device.

The virus definitions are updated almost every hour and has the ability to spot viruses out from the blue. The updates are installed on the background without affecting PC performance and that too runs automatically. Highlights of the updates are displayed in a graphical manner which shows what updates have been installed.

What is even better is any error, which was not found in the Kaspersky’s database, it would be automatically sent across to its labs for analysis, keeping its database up-to-date.

It has a unique URL advisor, which displays security status of all links as well as search results. However, it is just a display function and does not do much about affected pages.

Its robust system scans through variety of Malware attacks via a CD, which sits on top of the infected PC and clears it of all malwares. As an additional feature, it comes with a backup disk, which allows you to restore your system in the event of system attack rendering your system unbootable.

AVG has a multi-layered protection system covering known threats, spywares, malwares and even adware. It runs the scanning function inside the computer as well and identified infected files as they are moved across the computer.

AVG has a link scanner, which blocks dangerous sites and also displays red flags against affected sites in the search results. It has three types of scans available, whole computer scan, specific files and folders scan and an anti-rootkit scan.

It will take just a single click to perform a whole computer scan, which runs like a breeze in the background without affecting the computer’s performance.

The scanning speed is also fast compared to other players. There is an Auto Fix Mode, which sends across reports to the AVG labs for testing. Once checked, it automatically gives a solution, which is available in a single click.

Furthermore, this mode turns back to normal optimal mode once all errors are resolved. The Gamer Mode function is one of a kind, which saves gamers from losing undue money to prowling hackers, as they play games over unsecured servers.

Security – AVG vs. Kaspersky

Kaspersky has the knack of finding almost all kinds of threats, 98% to be precise. It detects almost all kinds of threats and removes them without fail from the system. It has been certified for its security program by major test laboratories across the globe and users have immense trust in Kaspersky.

AVG has also received certifications from ICSA and West Coast Labs. It has the ability to remove viruses from known to unknown sources and provides great security to computer and personal information.

Summary –AVG vs. Kaspersky

AVG is an all-rounder of sorts and provides multi-layered protection across various domains. It has bonded computer protection for internet surfers, gamers and everyday users, alike. Even better, it comes free in the first place and paid versions provide value for money.

Kaspersky has fared well enough in virus protection terms. It is coming up with many updates to its interfaces and usability. Although, the advanced options needs to be worked upon and attention needs to be given to minute details to get the most benefit out of this terrific antivirus software.