Best Digital Asset Management Comparison (2018)

Best Digital Asset Management Comparison
Best Digital Asset Management Comparison

Top 5 Digital Asset Management Software – With the advent of the Internet, there has been a massive upsurge in the number of digital files and channels.

If you find it difficult to organize digital assets, digital asset management software will come in handy. The tool supports business initiatives across a range of departments, including design, marketing, sales, and project management.

The solution helps a business practice digital best practices, saving valuable time and resources. With a digital asset management solution, a business can avoid the mistakes commonly associated with decentralized file management.

The highly sophisticated file repository system enables users to store and organize digital assets according to metadata. The data can be manipulated and retrieved using different search tools.

Digital Asset Management Tools

Digital asset management software is the tool designed to unify fractured media storage tools, keep assets synchronized, and eliminate silos throughout the organization.

These tools can be hosted in the cloud, on-premise, or installed on the company servers or hosted through the cloud. Some of the common features of a digital asset management solution include:

  • Ecommerce integration
  • Collaboration tools
  • Analytics/reporting
  • Photo/video editing
  • Integration with cloud storage solutions

Top 5 Digital Asset Management Software

Asset Bank

The digital asset management solution serves small, medium, and large businesses. It offers a range of services, including asset monitoring and control, document management, and configuration and can be deployed in the cloud and on-premise.

The tool enables users to share digital assets, which may include images, logos, videos, and documents. It offers multiple features with multiple permission settings, controlling how users view, upload, and download assets. There is a feature that automatically adds watermark to the content, preventing any unauthorized usage.

With the Asset Bank, users can easily import and upload metadata. The solution offers comprehensive searching functionalities. Users can rapidly download and edit files in different formats.


The branding automation, marketing, and digital asset management solution is designed for managing brands globally.

Bynder is run as a Software as a Service. The integrated solution is designed to help a business manage, maintain, and distribute digital assets, such as images, documents, videos, and other forms of digital content.

The cloud platform uses two-factor authentication that enables users to change access on individual or group basis. With Bynder, users find it easier to centralize, organize database, which further helps search any specific asset.

It is a simple to use solution, which supports quick user adoption and digital transformation.


The digital asset management tool is designed for marketing businesses. IntelligenceBank enables users to upload files of any type and create, control, and distribute assets. User can upload any file type, preview media online, and manage them in bulk.

The platform enables users to track review dates of images, run on all files, record copyrights. Custom reports can be run on all files using the IntelligenceBank platform. All usage analytics on the interface are available by user and file.

Email alerts can be sent for automating notification of teams when there is availability of new assets.


Now it is easier to extend the reach of your online assets with MediaValet. The digital asset management tool comes with an intuitive interface that makes the task of asset sharing and metadata management easier.

The multi-repository system is designed to manage and classify media assets. There is a reliable version control for different file sizes. Media files are better organized with multiple cascading levels. Media assets are easier to arrange into customized groups. MediaValet provides a business with a central library to manage digital assets.

With MediaValet, an organization can consistently provide users with different levels of access for downloading, uploading, backing up, rating, and categorizing individual assets. The aggregation of digital assets in the cloud ensures that users can always access their digital asset any time anywhere.

Virtual Asset Manager

The comprehensive digital asset management solution is designed to manage and track assets of a business. With Virtual Asset Manager, a business can track the physical location of an asset.

It is even easier to track financial information of assets with the Virtual Asset Manager. The asset tracking solution supports different asset tagging options and offers users complete control over how the business uses its assets to improve business operational efficiency, cut cost, and reduce risks.

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