5 Recommended Practice Management Software

Asana Vs. Basecamp
Asana Vs. Basecamp

Are you looking for a solution to run and manage your business more efficiently, seamlessly schedule appointments, register patients, submit claims, generate monthly reports, record patient demographics, and support in-house billing? Well, practice management software is designed to do it all –from scheduling patients to reducing your workload, generating monthly reports, and increasing your collections.

As a healthcare facility, you can leverage the software to improve clinical workflow efficiency. However, it is important to select a solution that works well with your practice’s HER (electronic health records). When choosing a practice management software system, you would do well to determine if you wish to get your hands on a best-of-breed solution or a single vendor system integrated with an electronic health records solution.

Top 5 Medical Practice Management Software

  1. MDSuite

Primarily an EHR system, MDSuite is designed to cater to the needs of medical practices of all sizes.  It features practice management, clinical charting, electronic billing, lab management, lab orders, order tracking, medication history, nurse portal, report & referral management, task management, and security capabilities.

If you are looking for a robust medical practice management software program, MDSuite does fit in well, with its appointment scheduling, electronic patient statements, accounts receivable management, document management, audit trail, electronic claims management, and insurance payments, among others.

Cons: The application does not support revenue cycle management at present, though it may include these capabilities over a period of time.

  1. NueMD

A complete solution for practice management, EHR and billing management, NueMD is exactly what you need to streamline your healthcare facility operations and shift the focus on seeing patients. The cloud-based practice management solution is easy to customize to cater to the unique need of your medical facility.

The HIPAA-compliant solution comes with unique features to make your operations smooth, seamless, and more efficient. This includes patient portal, medical billing, ePrescribing, e-Labs, accurate claims, mobile access, custom report, patient history, medical records, practice management, and accounts receivable.

Cons: One of the drawbacks of the system is that it requires a 12-month contract.

  1. Office Practicum

A full suite of practice management and HER features, Office Practicum is designed to facilitate the task of appointment scheduling, documentation management, and patient billing. This ensures that you can enjoy seamless scheduling and cleaner claims. Not only this, the medical practice management software comes with an array of capabilities to make your operations seamless,  including remote access, insurance payment, accounts receivable management, patient ledger card, electronic claims, audit trail, billing & invoicing, electronic patient statements, and customizable reporting. It connects you with a vast virtual community of pediatricians, so you can collaborate and stay updated.

  1. PrimeSuite

Prime Suite is an EHR and practice management solution that supports clinical documentation, revenue cycle management, population health management, patient engagement, patient chart, billing, mobile access, and interoperability. The comprehensive practice management software is what you need to grow your outpatient organization and streamline operations across the healthcare facility.

Combining powerful clinical, financial management capabilities, PrimeSuite makes it easier for healthcare providers to document encounters, billing, and reports clearly that any staff member can understand, without having to waste time. The software captures structured data easily and presents accurate documentation without slowing down your processes.

Cons: For new users, PrimeSuite is a little too complicated to get up and running. Make sure you receive training before going live with the software so you can derive the best benefits.


A complete billing and patient management solution, MICA MED is easy to use and configure. Some of its core capabilities include medical management, electronic prescribing, lab tests, accounts receivable, and patient record management, among others.

It comes with unique features that simplify practice management and can help healthcare facilities focus on patient care. The ONC-ATCB certified solution stores medical information required for maintaining a complete patient record, from medical history to prescription.

Designed to help medical facilities manage quality, care, and revenue, MICA MED helps you maintain clear patient billing and medical records.

Cons: The software doesn’t offer any dedicated mobile app for Android users.

Still wondering which of the above medical practice management software is the best for your healthcare facility? You have reached the right place at ITQlick. We are IT experts that can offer you the best software recommendations, depending on your unique needs. We will guide you through the software selection process so you can get a solution to manage patient demographics, perform billing procedures, schedule appointments, and generate reports without slowing down your core functionalities.

Our software recommendations will help you get your hands on the best solution to streamline operations and improve clinical workflow efficiency while boosting reimbursements from insurance companies.