Project Management: Online or Software Based?

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Most of the PM Software available offers similar features on the paper, but once you can try them you find out that there are big differences between them. After that first selection process, you can have an idea about the minimum requirements of your company for the Project Management tool you will eventually purchase. But that’s not all, you will have to take the final step: should we stick to proprietary software, or should we move to web based solutions? Both of them have some particular characteristics that could be advantages or disadvantages, depending on your business model. We on ITQlick have identified some of those critical points that could help you make a decision for your company:

Web Based Means Saving Up in Structural Costs, But Increasing Overall Expense

This is almost the common factor in online systems. The creators of the software offer a turn-key solution so that the client has no need to assume other structural costs such as hardware acquisition and/or maintenance, new personnel or training. The software is web based and ready to use, hosted in optimal conditions, and provides your company with real-time, collaborative solutions for eventually all your employees from pretty much anywhere they can have an Internet access. However, all this comes at bigger cost than traditional software based PM solutions, as the prices are established on a monthly basis in most cases, and even per number of users.

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Why Go Web Based If You Already Have the Infrastructure?

A web based PM software may be the way to go for new, fast growing companies with little or no IT structure or personnel. Even at a higher cost than software based systems, the cost in the long-term will be a lot smaller than the costs of hiring IT personnel, running servers or keeping software updated for all the computers in your network. But what happens if you already have that structure up and running? Then, Project Management Software based on local computers or servers is an excellent, cost reducing solution. It will make an extra use of your existing infrastructure to improve productivity, and probably at a much more affordable price.

After reviewing hundreds of Project Management systems, we at ITQlick can recommend you two outstanding solutions; one is software based and the other one is web based. It is up to you to choose which one suits your company best:

Contactizersoftware based

It is presented as an all-in-one solution for your company, with all the features you could as for Project Management. This software has a modular structure that organizes information in five main modules: events, tasks, communications, projects  and contacts management. Its main features include network sharing that doesn’t require a server, a lot of labeling customization for tasks and smart groups, and a powerful management of email interactions. All these features, together with an excellent event management engine, make an excellent collaborative Project Management solution of Contactizer for your company. This software could be what your company needs, and at a very competitive price, starting at $59.90 per three licenses for the Express version and $114.90 for the Pro version.

Basecampweb based!

This is probably a case of study for the future, due to its fast growing popularity and the amount of customers that run their projects on Basecamp. It is a state-of-the-art web based solution written in Ruby to maximize the use of the web capabilities. Multi-platform and accessible from virtually every  device, either mobile or computer based, its powerful features include an excellent and sharply designed interface, and a management tool based on users and their interactions. Tasks and events are easily managed through a comprehensive calendar, and there are also resources management tools. Can you afford all these with pricing starting at $49 per user and month after the free 60 days trial? Sure you can.

We have reviewed plenty of other Project Management software, both software based and web based!

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