2022’s Best Ticketing Apps

Every business wants to ensure that its customers and employees stay happy. Earlier, manual ticketing would cost customers, organizers, and promotion companies time. But the advent of ticketing software has brought about a transformation in the field. Today, it is possible to buy and sell tickets across any interconnected platform. There is an influx of ticketing solutions on the market, and you may feel overwhelmed to select the best ticketing system.

What is Ticketing Software?

Ticketing software is designed to promote events and sell tickets. It makes the task easier to sell tickets across different channels. Event ticketing software solutions support different sales channels. These are designed with specific features that correspond to each channel. Prices automatically update across different channels and you can look up customer profiles across all channels.

Best Ticketing Systems


The on-demand social ticketing solution is designed to make the online sale of tickets easier. Users can leverage the solution to manage online events, besides selling tickets online and promoting brands. Small and medium-sized IT and data hosting businesses are the primary customers of the software. Universe also features different payment methods and enables users to generate sales reports, detect ticket scanning errors, and manage visitor traffic.


You can simplify the task of selling live events with Vendini. The ticketing software is designed to make the task of selling tickets, promoting events, taking donations, and tracking patrons easier. When the sale of tickets is a priority, the ticketing system can come in handy, enabling you to sell directly from your website wherever your customers are.

What’s more, you can engage and cultivate patrons and develop lasting relationships. With Vendini, it is easier than ever to segment your patron data based on your preferences.


This is one of the best ticketing systems available that help users automate the ticket selling process, create events, accept credit card payments, and allocate seating. TicketPeak enables users to perform a range of functions, such as fundraising management, season ticketing, ticket redemption, ticket brokering, ticket printing, box office management, events subscription setup, and class and audition registration. The interface can be customized depending on the preference of the user.


The cloud-based ticketing solution is the best tool to bring success to your IT events. It is designed with fully integrated access controls. Additionally, the ticketing tool comes with multi-channel distribution capabilities and event management controls. The robust reporting suite provides a customer-facing ticket sales page, inventory controls, invoicing, and financial accountability. Tix is integrated with CRM and seamlessly captures and analyzes customer purchase data.


With TicketSpice, users can easily sell tickets for one-off events or recurring events through your branded online page, irrespective of the location. Some of the core features of the ticketing software include mobile tracking, ticket scanning, data sovereignty, instant funding, branding control, convenient fee control, RealView Technology, and custom advanced ticketing. The powerful ticketing system to sell tickets online is your key to doubling your event profit with its flexibility and customization capabilities.


The web-based ticketing system enables users to sell tickets online or by phone. Collecting donations was never as easy as with ThunderTix. Leverage the power of external marketing resources with integrated social media and analytics tracking, saving you time.  The product features mass email integration capabilities and Groupon importing tools, so you can best utilize your time. Additionally, you can better account for ticket revenue.


With PurplePass, you have the best ticketing system to manage large-scale events. Users have the necessary in-depth reporting solutions for the management of sales and analysis of performance. It comes with an array of features, including branded sales widgets. PurplePass is designed with integrated Facebook features, so you can take advantage of the services and carry forward online ticketing and event management goals.


The online ticketing system gives you the venue management tool for the sale of tickets. It is an integrated ticketing and patron management solution that features fundraising, advanced ticketing, and reporting capabilities. The solution is easy to integrate with your existing website, so you can control your branding. SeatAdvisor features reporting and analytics tools to enable users to identify customer purchase preferences and buying trends.

If you are looking for the best ticketing system for your IT department, connect with the ITQlick team of software experts. We have decades of experience in the IT industry and help buyers choose the right tools to improve, grow, and succeed in their industry. Leverage our software recommendations to get your hands on the best software tools available.

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