4 Application Monitoring Software Alternatives for New Relic


Is your company a startup or a web based business? Then, you probably know already that Application Monitoring is an essential part of online businesses because their online presence is their window to the entire world. The web or application that you offer your services through is not only a business tool, but the way your existing and potential customers interact with your brand. So it is extremely important that you deliver a state of the art, clean and reliable user experience because that builds trust in your company.

new relicThis said and, despite the many software solutions available to help you build a reliable application, there is always a most commonly used software for a certain purpose. For Application Monitoring that software is New Relic. The leader of its category due to its great features and the power of its engine, the truth is that it can get quite pricey if you pretend to make a real use of all of its features and in that case it’s not affordable for everyone.

But don’t worry because as we said, there’s plenty of other Application Monitoring software available, and we at ITQlick want to open your eyes to the ones we think represent strong alternatives to New Relic. This is our pick:

Stackify – More Than Enough of What You Needstackify

This software offers a powerful combination of analysis, both for server applications and also databases. The main advantage of Stackify is that it enables you to customize your reports, which gives you the freedom to get easier-to-read, simplified reports that will go straight to the point. It will also send you email alerts to keep you updated about any crashes or events that you need to be informed about the performance of your application.

copperegg1CopperEgg – Powerful and Simple

When you first install it and see that all it takes is merely ten seconds, you will get what we mean by that. CopperEgg monitors in real-time servers and websites, reporting any issue or potential issue with an easy-to-understand traffic lights system. And it only takes about five seconds to analyze a server and 15 seconds for a website. You can virtually install it under any platform, and it comes at a pay per user rate which makes it a great option for you.

datadog1Datadog – Metrics Are the Key

Datadog is a cloud based service that allows full-text structured search and is really powerful at aggregating metrics. All the metrics are accessible thanks to real-time dashboards, and the suite is completed with a full pack of more common features for a better integration of this software. It is available for free but not fully featured, however the full version is available at an affordable cost. If you need metrics more than anything you should give it a try before you make a decision.

appfirst1Appfirst – When Resources Are Everything

Appfirst will track the use of server resources of the web application that you are running, not merely collecting data or providing you with an analysis but also learning for that information. It will automatically detect all the processes run by your application, monitor its activity and auto configures them. If you need a software that improves server efficiency for a better performance of your application, then you should probably consider Appfirst.

As you can see not only in this selection but on ITQlick, there is a bigger reality to Application Monitoring Software. There are some software that can be considered as good alternatives to New Relic and should be taken into consideration according to your needs.