5 Award Winning Software for Medical Practices


Medical practice management software has revolutionized the healthcare industry. Automation is a key feature of electronic medical records system that tracks patient demographics and provides electronic storage of patient records, demographics, appointments, medications, and diagnostic results. Also known as electronic health records, digital medical records system is the collection of patient records stored at different locations, which is designed to improve clinical workflow efficiency. The software for medical practices is used to generate monthly reports, perform billing procedures, and increase reimbursements.

  1. AdvancedMD

With the cloud-based electronic medical records solution handy, healthcare providers can electronically document patient health care records within their practice. This eliminates the need for bulky paper charts. AdvancedMD is a full-suite patient medical records solution with integrated physician-patient workflow solutions.

The medical billing software application features medical billing, practice management, patient engagement, and electronic health recording, among other technologies to integrate practice and patient workflow.

Cons: The software is not compatible with any other browser than Internet Explorer.

  1. MediTouch

The web-based MediTouch EHR is a suite of practice management tools designed to meet all of your healthcare practice needs. The digital medical records solution comes complete with an array of features, including patient portal, iPad compatibility, patient reporting, document management, claims, office scheduling, and list management, to handle all of your day-to-day tasks.

The customizable, user-friendly application offers SaaS deployment, allowing users to get remote access to their files. The cloud-based solution is easy to customize to map the processes of a healthcare practice and keep it better organized. MediTouch is compatible with Apple iPad, making it easier to operate for mobile users. It integrates electronic medical charts and digital health patient records for better patient care management.

Cons: A little more intuitive dashboard would make things easier.

  1. PrognoCIS EMR

The fully integrated software for medical practice is designed to make the task of patient healthcare record collection easier for physicians. PrognoCIS features such capabilities as medical billing, patient portals, patient history storage, electronic medical records, document management, captures patient encounters, history retrieval, and practice management.

The web-based medical practice software is your answer to time and data management for your unique healthcare facility needs. You can quickly retrieve important patient medical records with the quick database search feature. The workflow-based product provides you with the tools to efficiently manage the patient process.

Cons: The dashboard is a little complex to understand for first-time users.

  1. athenahealth

The cloud-based electronic health records system comes with practice management, electronic medical records, and patient communication capabilities. It removes distractions in the way of healthcare while enabling patients to pay online. Athenahealth is designed with a scheduling option for seamless revenue flow and improving efficiency of the practice.

The medical practice management software works seamlessly for all day-to-day tasks, from scheduling to checkout. The electronic medical records help patients to move quickly through the office. The system is designed with automated reminders, which has reduced burden on the staff, so they can focus on increased patient flow.

Cons: The software is difficult to customize for new users.

  1. NueMD

With robust medical billing capabilities, NueMD is a comprehensive suite of services for practices of different sizes. The medical billing software for medical practices comes with an integrated medical billing, electronic health recording, appointment scheduling, and practice management services. With such an intuitive solution, your medical practice can see more patients per week, helping improve your efficiency, profitability and compliance.

The user-friendly electronic health records system is cloud-based, which removes the hassle of backup and downtime. Patient medical history is just a click away with NueMD, which makes it easier for the medical staff to update records in real-time.

NueMD Billing Services are designed to help medical facilities boost reimbursements and recover outstanding claims, so you never have to worry about collections.

Cons: There is no option to view the schedule of a week or month in advance.

Improved efficiency, better quality of care, less time tracking paperwork, and increased collections are some of the benefits of the medical billing software. With a robust software for medical practices, you can derive all the benefits while spending less time managing records. The electronics medical records solution is all you need to improve efficiency of your healthcare practice.

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