The Best FREE Applicant Tracking Software for 2018

Gusto Vs. Zenefits
Gusto Vs. Zenefits

2018’s Best FREE Applicant Tracking Software

Recruiting is an essential management task. The success of a business organization will largely depend on how they recruit workers. You cannot expect your business to take off if you will be assisted by the wrong kind of people. It is therefore important that great efforts be focused on the task of recruiting workers.

If a business organization is not yet automated, the recruiting people at the HR department will end up performing a mountain of paper work that will mostly be redundant and time-consuming, leaving them with very little time to attract top talent.

Software to Streamline the Process

Investing in applicant tracking software will provide the company the company’s recruiting team easier workload to allow them to focus on the search for talent. It will reduce the administrative and personnel cost because data entry will no longer be time-consuming and require many man-hours. It will, in the long term, improve the quality of workers that the recruiting team will be able to hire.

A company needs to invest in an applicant tracking software if they want to streamline their recruiting function. The good news is that there are available applicants tracking software that will cost you nothing. They are FREE.

The following are some of the best applicant tracking software available today:


JobScore is a premium ATS that provides a company recruiting team what they need to get their work done. It offers a hosted careers page, one-click job postings, resume parsing scoring, referral campaigns, and reports. It is the pioneer direct employer-to-employer resume-sharing network.

It enables employers to put up a network that allows them to exchange resumes of qualified and interested candidates that are not hired by a company. Sharing of the resume is free as long as you are willing to share some of your resumes on hand to the network in order to allow you to view the applicants on the list.

JobScore is not absolutely free. The free version can be used only for three job postings, together with the access to JobScore’s database of more than one million applicants. After your initial job posting, JobScore will bill you $49 a month. is free, with the added option of buying services from other vendors or recruitment campaign media from the site. is free, offering a hosted career site that gives users the ability to publish their job openings on the job boards and social media sites. It features a modern User Interface that allows a view of all candidates in one place. It can be used also the European markets because the legal requirements in the region are included. is easy to use and has a clean interface. However, candidates’ access to emails is limited.

Zoho Recruit

There is a free version of Zoho Recruit, a web based software that allows one recruiter and five job openings. After the initial free version, it will cost a company $25 per recruiter for each month of use.

Zoho Recruit offers a seamless experience for applicant contact when Zoho CRM is integrated with Google Apps. The built-in email templates allow for easier communication with applicants.

Zoho Recruit at the enterprise market. It is highly customizable although it could turn very complex for some people. It has great integration with the CRM functionality but there are limitations on the free version, such as the absence of the ability for mass emailing.


It is a free applicant tracking software that may be installed on any Windows or Linux server and can be accessed through a browser interface. OpenCATS can be integrated with popular content management software such as Joomla. OpenCATS has an active community of development supporters.  It was originally designed to target HR professionals, staffing and placement agencies, and in-house recruiters.

OpenCATS possess the common features of applicant tracking software, which includes resume management, candidate tracking, and reporting through the entire hiring process.

Since OpenCATS is open source, it is absolutely free and users are allowed to make modifications to the software to suit their needs. Since the software is open source and subject to modifications, there is no support in the event that you encounter issues on the installation, integration, and running the software. You can count only on yourself for support, with some help provided by the development community.


iKrut is an applicant tracking system that may be accessed as “Software as a Service” product through the web for free., but not open source. There is no paid version for iKrut but it earns money through its partnership with vendors that offer HR services, including recruiting, through iKrut.

It integrates with the different free job boards. iKrut will create a microsite for your company and fill up the list of your job openings across the sites. It will also allow you to send applicants to the site to give them the opportunity to apply online.

iKrut allow bulk actions, such as the one-time rejection of multiple candidates that allows you to save time. The integration with the different job boards will allow your job opening to be seen many applicants with very little efforts from your side.

The company’s recruiting team could use any of the applicants tracking software that best suits their needs.