Freedcamp Vs. Asana: Best PMO

Freedcamp Vs. Asana: Best PMO – You might be overwhelmed for choice on deciding the best tool to manage the information influx and better organize projects. Some of the top functions of project management software include budgeting, time tracking, task distribution, resource planning, and team collaboration.

With each software vendor claiming to offer you the best tool, it often gets confusing to find the best fit for your enterprise. It is a challenge to test-drive each solution, so here is a comparison between two leading tools to make life a little easier for you. Let’s compare Freedcamp Vs. Asana and see what works best for you.

Freedcamp Vs. Asana: What Are the Differences?

Overview – Freedcamp Vs. Asana

Asana is a list-based tool that utilizes tasks for the smooth running of your business.
Freedcamp allows users to either choose a list-view or “kanban” visual style for viewing tasks. The project management tool also makes it easier to view tasks and projects in a calendar style.

This means you can view all your files at one place.
Freedcamp gets an upper hand over Asana in terms of ease of use and implementation.

Users – Freedcamp Vs. Asana

Asana is the best project management app for small, medium, and large team, as it’s easy to work with. It also makes it easier for users to view all ongoing projects at a glance.
Freedcamp is not the best solution for medium and large enterprises with multi-layered projects. However, multiple views give users the option to choose how you want to view your workspace.

Features – Freedcamp Vs. Asana

Asana is focused not only on organizing your tasks, but also reducing your conversation time. It allows users to effortlessly manage projects online. The tool does not require you to follow difficult-to-follow email threads.

The workspace provides users with a space to assign and follow tasks, add notes, and attachments. Followers receive updates of any changes or modifications right in their inbox. This means you will have more time to devote to more important tasks, without worrying about task and project management.

Freedcamp offers a centralized system designed with intuitive and innovative features to streamline management of tasks and time and social integration for better efficiency and productivity.

With Asana, users can chat with others directly from their notification email. It is easier to set up subtasks within each task with Asana. The tool allows you to check things off to update the system with project progress. Asana makes it easy to assign due dates and switch tasks anytime during a project.

Unlike Asana, Freedcamp does not offer a chat-style discussion feature. Instead, it has a forum-based communication feture. This means you cannot chat within a specific task, unlike Asana. Another missing feature that sets Freedcamp apart from Asana and is that the former does not allow you to create subtasks. The feature is available as an extra add-on.

Freedcamp offers basic time-tracking features, so users can track the amount of time spent on specific tasks. This is useful when billing clients by hour and finding potential roadblocks in a project.

On the other hand Asana can integrate with time-tracking tools to track how employees are utilizing time.

Mobile friendly – Freedcamp Vs. Asana

Asana is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, including Android and iPhone.
Freedcamp’s iPhone app is new. It is compatible with Android and iPhone.

Integration – Freedcamp Vs. Asana

Asana provides a range of integrations. Its application programming interface or API is another powerful feature to integrate with several apps.
Freedcamp does not offer a long list of integrations, though it does integrate with Google Drive and Calendar.

Pricing – Freedcamp Vs. Asana

Asana is free for a team of 15 members. There is a paid plan that costs $9.99 per user per month (billed annually). Pricing is based on a monthly subscription plan, which goes up with the number of members. Its lowest plan is available for $21 per year for five members.

Freedcamp does offer a free trial. Besides, it offers three separate pricing plans, depending on the size of the business and number of users. Its pricing plans include Enterprise Plan for $9.99, Lite Plan for $5.99 for owner and $1.99 per additional user each month (billed monthly), and Business Plan for $8.49 per user per month.

Number of users – Freedcamp Vs. Asana

Asana has a huge fan following compared to Freedcamp. It rates higher for average number of users. The number of Asana users goes beyond 115k. On the other hand, Freedcamp is slowly catching up, though the number of followers is around 2.10k.

Support – Freedcamp Vs. Asana

Freedcamp is loved for its quality of support, which seems better than Asana.

Freedcamp or Asana: Which is Better?

Typically, your choice of a project and task management solution depends on the size of business and specific needs. When you are looking for a task management tool, you want to get your hands on the one that helps keep your team organized and projects running on time.

Depending on your needs and budget, you may either choose Freedcamp or Asana. While Asana is more focused on team collaboration, Freedcamp focuses more on better project management.

Get ITQlick expert support if you are finding it too challenging to pick the right project management solution for your business. With decades of IT experience, we understand how software tools work and which one makes a better fit for an enterprise, depending on their unique requirements.

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