Carecloud Vs. Athenahealth

Carecloud Vs. Athenahealth
Carecloud Vs. Athenahealth

#1 Medial Software: Carecloud or Athenahealth – You are looking for a medical practice management solution to integrate with your practice’s existing business apps for greater productivity, right?

An electronic health records (EHR) solution is designed for healthcare clinics and medical practices to stay compliant with regulations. The solution seamlessly adapts to user work styles, helping reduce errors and improve efficiency.

Now you might be wondering which EHR tool is the best. If you are wondering whether to choose Carecloud or Athenahealth as your medical practice management software, it would help to compare both tools.

Similarities – Carecloud Vs. Athenahealth

Both electronic health records solutions focus on making payments easier for medical firms. Additionally, these systems make benefits programs a hassle-free process for employers. CareCloud is a cloud-based practice management software tool for medical practices to manage different aspects of their practice.

The tool is designed to make it easier for medical practices to manage patient scheduling and financial analysis. Athenahealth is designed as a solution to improve the clinical control of hospitals, clinics, and other medical practices with an aim to enhance their operational efficiency.

Comparison: Carecloud Vs. Athenahealth

Overview – Carecloud Vs. Athenahealth

Athenahealth comprises five solutions – Athenaclinicals, AthenaCoordinator, AthenaCollector, AthenaClarity, and AthenaCommunicator – all of which address medical practice management requirements.

CareCloud is available as a single clinical and practice management application that enables medical practitioners to smoothly and efficiently manage their work. It is one tool that can make your work more profitable.

Features – Carecloud Vs. Athenahealth

  • Unlike CareCloud, Athenahealth is not a cloud software company. However, your medical practice can continue to provide the best patient care with Athenahealth, which includes ongoing system updates via the cloud.
  • Athenahealth is primarily a practice management company, unlike Carecloud, which features other clinical and practice management apps. AthenaHealth is one of the leading providers of network-enabled services for EHR, medical billing, and revenue cycle management. On the other hand, CloudCare has all the features and tools required for your health care institute.
  • CareCloud is compatible with all forms of browsers and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone/iPad, and Android, while Athenahealth supports Mac, web-based, and Windows.

Interface/User-friendly – Carecloud Vs. Athenahealth

CareCloud has a user-friendly interface that can be smoothly integrated into your existing workflow. Athenahealth, too, comes with an easy-to-use interface and can be integrated with minimal to no training with your existing system. With a user-friendly interface, Athenahealth helps clinicians easily access the required information.

The solution has been ranked as one of the best EHRs available, thanks to its efficiency, usability, and effectiveness. The best thing about Athenahealth support is that a team of professionals works dedicatedly to monitor regulatory changes, ensuring the system remains compliant.

Pricing/implementation cost – Carecloud Vs. Athenahealth

The monthly CareCloud pricing model starts at $349. The price is only for the practice management system, but if you want to go for the complete integrated EHR solution, it would cost you $629 per month per provider.

Athenahealth charges per provider, features, add-ons, and for the implementation, depending on the practice size and specialty. You need to sign a monthly contract with the vendor, and there is no termination penalty.

Scheduling – Carecloud Vs. Athenahealth

Athenacommunicator is designed to make it easier for patients and health practitioners to schedule follow-up appointments. This reduces the incidence of no-shows and missed appointments.

CareCloud makes scheduling appointments straightforward and hassle free with an intuitive, user-friendly scheduler. The software comes complete with a scheduling feature for multiple physicians.

Getting a practice management system for your healthcare facility is a great way to improve the logistics of your medical practice. If you are looking to implement a secure electronic health record system without disrupting work flow, these two EHRs are the best choice to improve productivity and efficiency. However, if you are still wondering whether to go for Athenahealth vs Carecloud, you may want to contact software experts at ITQlick.

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