HR Software and Mobility – Hot New Trend


The extension of HR software functionality to mobile platforms has brought about a liberation in the way that essential HR users and other internal customers work within an organization today.

Lets just briefly take a brief look at the factors that have brought about these changes.

  • Evolution and maturity of Software as a Service as a delivery and licensing model
  • Advancement in mobile technologies both in terms of OS and hardware
  • Increasing mobility and distribution of the workforce across geographical regions

With Saas based services HR departments can benefit from mobile functionality for a mobile workforce at a fraction of the costs that would otherwise have to be paid for developing an enterprise level HR software with mobile extensibility.

Chances are that you are in the process of evaluating HR Software solutions for your organization to replace your existing legacy solution. Please read on to discover the benefits that mobile enabled software solutions can bring to your overall productivity and workflow.

Employee Recruitment

Employee recruitment and retention are two of the core functions of HR. Attracting new talent and retaining existing talent are the top most priorities of corporate HR teams. And rightly so, since today’s workforce is liberated, technology savvy and on the move.

Prospective employees are hard pressed for time and would like to apply for a position anywhere and anytime without having to resort to opening a website on a PC. Social media websites play an important role in informing applicants about job opportunities.

“It is not surprising that companies report more than 50% of new employee applications coming in from mobile devices. As a result there has been a paradigm shift in the way HR departments work.”

Given these trends it is not possible to ignore the need to develop a no frills mobile friendly recruitment solution that is linked with social media services such as Facebook and LinkedIn. There are a number of web and Saas based recruitment software that provide end-to-end solutions that cater to job posting, applicant screening and tracking and other aspects of the recruitment function.


Employee Feedback

Involving employees in feedback about the work environment fosters a sense of belonging and increases employee satisfaction. This in turn may help to increases employee retention and decreases attrition. Feedbacks surveys on the phone provide a convenient, transparent and seamless avenue for employees to voice and share their opinions.

Core functionality apart, day to day operations such as attendance recording, location tracking and offtime and leave management have been simplified with mobile solutions.

As an example, lets just take a look at the difference in the workflow of an employee requesting a leave and having it sanctioned by using a legacy system (then) and using a Saas empowered HR Software solution (now).

Time-Off and Leave Management

Not too long ago, an employee would have to go to a desktop and fill out a leave requisition form. the requisition would then be approved by the employee’s line boss or an HR person and the employee would be notified by an email or in person. There could be minor variations in the system depending on the degree of inbuilt complexity and features.

An employee can just login to a custom app using a mobile and request a leave or time off while on the go from anywhere. The supervisor approves the time off and the employee receives an approval in real time and in very little time. The supervisor can get an instant snapshot view of the employees on leave on a particular day or next week.

It is not surprising that vendors of Saas based HR solutions are not only increasing the range of functionality provided over mobile devices but are focussing on building software solutions from the ground up with mobile devices and mobility in mind.

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