Sisense Pricing – Hidden Fees and Implementation Cost (2018)

Sisense Pricing
Sisense Pricing

Sisense is a business intelligence and analytics solution comprising an integrated database and visualization tools. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface helps users insightful datasets in a short time. If you are keen to purchase the software, you might be wondering about the Sisense pricing.

Ideally, the overall cost of a software tool combines subscription fee, software license, customization price, training cost, maintenance and support cost, and other services, including hardware. Before buying a solution, you should check all of these costs to find the solution that fits your budgetary needs.

Sisense Pricing: Software Cost

Sisense does not publish its subscription options. Rather, users can request the pricing from the company website and benefit from its customized pricing scheme. To receive a customized quote, users need to complete a request-for-quote form on the website under the “Pricing” tab.

The company prides itself on its “no surprise” pricing. The Sisense case-by-case pricing depends on annual subscription, which is decided by the data size and seats. The annual subscription includes full support and training.

It offers a licensing model, minimizing your overall investment. Sisense pricing starts at a cost of $21,000 for 5 users on a yearly basis. Typically, the cost of customization depends on the client’s needs and functional requirements.

The annual Sisense license cost is typically dependent on tiers and the number of users. Under the first tier, Sisense allows up to 10 users. The second tier is for 50 users, and the third tier is for enterprises that need the solution for an unlimited number of users.

Cost of Implementation and Customization

The cost of implementation is dependent on business complexity and the number of users. Sisense can be implemented quickly, since it does not require setting up of any additional hardware or servers. However, the company requires a minimum annual commitment for purchase.

Service Providers Cost

There is no additional maintenance or training cost. The company offers free levels of support for each pricing plan the support level may vary depending on your subscription plan. While some plans include free support tickets, some others offer remote assistance as well as a personal specialist without any additional cost.

Data migration cost

The cost of data migration may be determined depending on your existing software as well as the amount or quantity of data to be migrated. For a higher volume of data migration, the cost would go up.

Some other factors that may affect Sisense pricing during data migration may include the complexity of data to be migrated, and availability of migration tools. It also takes into consideration any gaps between the new and existing tools.

Is It Worth the Price?

Sisense is available for on-premise and cloud-based/SaaS deployment. It takes data from multiple sources so users can make sound decisions using its powerful embedded analytics tool. The renewal cost of the application is an equivalent of the annual fee.

This means if you need to renew the tool after your yearly subscription, you may be required to pay an amount equal to the annual price.

Wondering if this is the right product to pick for your business? Are you still looking for a comparison between Sisense pricing and its competitors? Well, it’s a good idea to compare software products before making your final choice.

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