The Best FREE EMR/EHR Software for 2018

The Best FREE EMR/EHR Software
The Best FREE EMR/EHR Software

The automation of medical health records can make life so much easier for the healthcare industry, from providing digital storage of patient records to tracking patient demographics, test results, and medications.

But choosing the best free electronic medical records software is not easy, with the market flooded with automated EMR software. Let’s look into various EHR software solutions available to find the best free electronic medical records software for your business.

Free EMR Software

Practice Fusion

The web-based EMR is a handy product for small and medium-sized healthcare practices. The feature-rich software is a suite of integrated features, such as electronic prescribing, clinical charting, patient scheduling, and lab management, and imaging integration, though it does not offer handwriting recognition and E/M coding. With an intuitive interface, the software comes at no cost and is ad-supported.

The web-based software can be accessed on iOS mobile devices and iPad EMR interface. The touchscreen optimized interface enables full access to patient records, appointments, and charting.

Some of the key practice management features include document management, remote access, appointment scheduling, inter-office messaging, and reports. Practice Fusion comes complete with security and training services.

iSALUS EHR Software

The web-based electronic health records management solution is designed for businesses of all sizes. iSALUS EHR has integrated billing capabilities and practice management capabilities. It comes with a range of security and training services. With fully integrated EHR, billing, and scheduling capabilities, the EMR solution requires only a single login for access.

The free EHR comes with basic functionality. Strengthen your medical practice with this all-in-one solution that is designed to help you deliver end-to-end patient care. Signing up for iSALUS Healthcare’s EHR packages will give you access to additional service options, so you can run your practice efficiently.

The free version of the software is integrated with labs and ePrescribing, which can handle claims and payment processing from patients. Document scanning and management are some other features.


Make your medical practice easier by picking the best free EHR solution on the market. eMedicalPractice is a powerful integrated solution that features electronic health record management, patient portal, billing and accounting, claims and practice management, and Clearing House.

The EMR software is designed to make it easier for healthcare facilities to schedule appointments, send referral letters, register patients online, make prescriptions online, chart patient visits, share medical bills, and connect with labs from one interactive platform. With eMedicalPractice, there is a less risk of inefficiency within medical offices and improve quality of care.

The single integrated solution is accessible 24×7 anywhere. Customize the tool to meet the needs of your medical practice.


The cloud-based medical billing solution makes life easier for medical practices. The free EHR tool features a range of capabilities, including practice management, electronic medical records, fee schedule management, and integrated electronic claims processing.

Hello Health can help healthcare practices manage accounts and similar billing tasks, schedule patients, track patient history, and automatic refill requests. Its leading capabilities include data backup, HIPAA compliance, secure remote access, and encrypted data transfer.

The free EHR solution can simplify the complicated billing process, give automatic access to practice management tools, and boost your business efficiency.  Email integration and inter-office messaging ensure effective collaboration.

The best free electronic medical records software offers practice management services, including document management, appointment scheduling, accounts receivable management, billing, invoicing, and audit trail. The revenue cycle management feature helps medical health practices improve cash flow and net collection.


The web-based EMR solution is ideal for medical businesses of all sizes. The electronic health records solution is designed with a range of features to make it easier for healthcare facilities to manage their practice.

Some capabilities include practice management, phone appointment reminders, electronic prescribing, and scheduling. It comes with integrated billing capabilities and allows users to send automated messages and create billing reports.

It features an array of useful clinical tools, such as drawing tools, customizable medical forms, speech-to-text tool for medical practices, and macro buttons. The basic version of DrChrono is available for free while other packages are based on a monthly subscription fee.

Wondering whether free EHR software is the right choice for your medical practice?  Well, a number of medical practice software solutions are available that offer a free base package to help medical practices transition to an online tool for electronic medical records.

If you’re looking to implement the best free medical practice solution, this list can come in handy.

You can come in touch with the ITQlick experts to understand how a particular EMR solution will come to your rescue and help your business grow.

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