Top 5 Business Performance Management Software for SMBs


Companies are always seeking to grow in order to meet the demands of new customers and new markets.  However, to achieve this they need to ensure they are able to meet customer demand and that their operational performance is effective to meet this demand.  For this reason business performance management is used to analyze and determine how well real-time performance is meeting business objectives, and whether any corrective actions need to be taken in order to ensure performance goals are met. This is why companies now look to business performance software solutions to manage ever more complex operations in a rapidly increasing competitive environment.

Therefore to recommend the best solutions in this area, we at ITQlick have considered a number of important factors for the review.  These include the type of performance metrics available and the method of alignment with strategic goals, the availability of business analytics to mine these metrics and provide valuable insights.  The type of technology needed and infrastructure required in order to utilize the solution, along with how well the software gives a return on investment based on the performance achieved.  Based on this review the following are the solutions that can be considered for the requirements of SMBs.

1. SiSense

SiSense offers SMBs a free product trial and comes with both an on premise as well as cloud based solution which can be chosen based on customer requirements. Additionally it is scalable for any size of business so it can adapt with the growth of an SMB.  An important benefit is that SiSense does not require companies to invest in data warehouses or data marts. This is because its unique proprietary technology allows access of many data sources simultaneously along with large volumes of data with quick processing times. This enables SMBs to obtain performance information using visual dashboards faster and in almost real-time, enabling better decision making.

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2. Board

Board combines powerful business intelligence tools with corporate performance management.  Its performance metrics cover budgeting, planning, forecasting, and profitability & financial review together with dashboard displays combined with KPI analysis.  The product also provides SMBs with scorecard functionality that can aid them in developing strategy maps to compare actual performance against defined goals.  Additionally there is a development toolkit which SMBs can use to build customized performance applications designed to their business requirements, which is an added benefit for these companies.

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3. Panorama Necto

The unique selling point of this product for SMBs is that its supports the Business Intelligence 3.0 framework. This allows companies to share data analytics & performance information over a collaborative network, also it provides users with data in an infographic format which unifies visual information in one display.  Additionally it provides SMBs with suggestive technology wherein the product analyzes the data and recommends valuable insights for performance improvement that can be actioned by business users. The software has support for in-memory analytics SMBs can expect fast data queries and also have the option for an online trial to determine a fit for their requirements.

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4. Pentaho

Pentaho offers a cloud based business intelligence platform that can provide performance data on a variety of mobile devices.  It allows SMBs to embed the tools within applications already available with the company to better leverage data access with relevant performance reviews.  Pentaho can access complex data warehouses if needed and supports predictive analytics to flag users based on history analysis of possible performance trends that need to be addressed.  SMBs can also access a free trial of the product if needed and allows them integrations to a variety of data sources to conduct performance analysis.

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This tool is built on the Microsoft platform and is well suited for SMBs which are consolidating their software with this solution portfolio.  The product has a free trial and is accessible via mobile devices as well.  Its features include real-time dashboards, data analytics, and unique story boards which display the evolution of performance from initiation to current status and the final goals. These performance storyboards are customizable to any organizational level and can be displayed throughout the organization to encourage compliance.  Additionally SMBs can benefit from intelligent agents that support predictive analysis for business performance enhancement, and visibility agents which can show or hide performance data based on business criteria.

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