Top 5 Manufacturing Software for Large Businesses

The process of obtaining production materials has become ever more complex and demanding for product manufacturers in today’s business environment, which resulted in the development of various manufacturing methodologies such as lean manufacturing which seeks to prioritize quality control for ensuring an optimized production process.

The application of such work methods requires the implementation of an effective manufacturing management software that automates these processes and provides the manufacturers greater control over their manufacturing process, allows detection of production problems, and ensures that production commitments and delivery times are met.

We at ITQlick understand the importance of selecting the right manufacturing system for large enterprises since such a solution has to provide rich functionality and support the operation of multiple plants and production processes.

In our evaluation of manufacturing solutions, we have considered factors such as the range of manufacturing functionality covered, including manufacturing methodologies, required technology investment, and flexibility in adapting to changing business requirements.

With these in mind, we have reviewed numerous manufacturing systems, and some of our best recommendations include the following.

1. Infor Manufacturing

Infor is a leading enterprise business software provider that supports manufacturing management. Its solution supports several different manufacturing processes that include engineer-to-order, make-to-stock, and configure-to-order.

The key advantage of Infor Manufacturing is that it is built as a cloud-based solution and designed for meeting the manufacturing requirements of various vertical sectors such as machinery and equipment, metal and plastic fabrication, and printing and publishing, to name a few.

Infor is scalable and also supports collaboration via its social network platform. It is well suited for large businesses looking to unify their multiple production plants and incorporate major manufacturing standards with low technology investment.

2. SAP Manufacturing

SAP provides the best-of-breed manufacturing software solutions that are scalable for any business size. Its features include production planning and execution, process management, lean manufacturing support, as well as integration of outsourced manufacturing processes.

SAP Manufacturing is offered both as an on-premise or cloud-based solution, and is accessible from mobile devices through a variety of mobile apps. It is built on the SAP HANA platform for increased performance.

An additional important benefit for large manufacturers is this solution’s support of process improvement which included complex business analytics and incorporation of health and safety standards and product quality standards.

3. Epicor Manufacturing

Epicor is another leading enterprise software provider that offers specialized manufacturing software for addressing multiple industry verticals. It can handle the requirements of both discrete and process manufacturing and is scalable to meet the expansion needs of any business size.

Epicor offers manufacturers control over planning and scheduling, supply chain management, production and product data management, and service management. It is designed to handle multiple production plants and supports a single enterprise portal for accessing and monitoring production-related information.

Additional outstanding features include rich business analytic tools with KPIs and dashboards and supporting leading manufacturing quality standards such as lean manufacturing.

4. Plex Online

Plex Online is a scalable cloud-based and mobile device-ready solution that can meet the requirements of both discrete and process manufacturers. It includes all major quality and process methodologies that can be applied to a variety of industry sectors, and a full ERP suite that can be beneficial for large businesses looking for a comprehensive solution that also supports additional required business activities.

Plex Online features include plant floor control, production management, planning, and scheduling. Another advantage for large businesses is this solution’s modularity which allows implementation of only the required functionality based on requirements, and supported customization for adapting the system to specific process needs.

5. NetSuite Manufacturing

NetSuite is a leading cloud-based ERP solution vendor that provides manufacturing management software for several industry verticals. It is based on the lean manufacturing methodology and includes material resource planning, shop floor management, manufacturing routing, product costing, and bill of materials.

NetSuite provides options for eCommerce and service automation and also includes data analytics with dashboards and KPI monitoring. Key advantages for large businesses are easy customization for adjusting to business process requirements, and scalability that meets any expansion needs.

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