SAP Manufacturing Review

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Last updated: Apr 22, 2018

SAP Manufacturing Review

8 reviews

Medium business, Large business

SAP Manufacturing is a client server windows based software developed to streamline manufacturing operations and give businesses the flexibility needed to remain efficient and adapt to market changes. It is an

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What is SAP Manufacturing? Updated: Apr 22, 2018

SAP Manufacturing is a client server windows based software developed to streamline manufacturing operations and give businesses the flexibility needed to remain efficient and adapt to market changes. It is an enterprise resource planning solution that can help companies in producing high quality products that can generate high profit margins.

SAP AG is the group behind SAP Manufacturing. It is a German multinational software corporation founded in 1972. SAP AG is recognized as a leader in enterprise resource planning with over 100,000 business users worldwide

SAP Manufacturing Average Rating -

The average rating of SAP Manufacturing is 4 stars. The rating is based on 8 aggregated online reviews.

SAP Manufacturing Typical Customers

SAP Manufacturing will be of help to businesses that produce in mass for user consumption. It is ideal for large companies but would also work fine for smaller ones. Industries this software can serve are Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Industrial Machinery, Oil & Gas and Engineering, Construction & Operations.

Among SAP's notable customers you will find Grupo Nutresa, Harley Davidson and Celestica.

SAP Manufacturing Features

SAP Manufacturing enables businesses to integrate their manufacturing processes and ensure a coordination takes place between partners and suppliers. Notable features available on the software are supplier and asset management, Business Intelligence, customer management, product life cycle management and manufacturing execution.

From planning to execution, companies can leverage on the features offered by the software to lower cost, improve efficiency and deliver better products into the market.

SAP Manufacturing 5 Pros

  • SAP Manufacturing offers numerous features allowing companies to have the upper hand over the production process
  • The software can be used to manage the entire supply chain and improve on delivery time
  • SAP Manufacturing enables businesses to lower cost as they improve on the quality of the product.
  • Coordination between supplier and partners is facilitated through the use of the software
  • SAP Manufacturing can easily be integrated with the other software that the company SAP AG has to offer.

SAP Manufacturing 2 Cons

  • SAP Manufacturing does not give companies the ability to track customer information
  • SAP Manufacturing does not offer account features that help keep finances in check

SAP Manufacturing Alternatives

Some of the main competitors for SAP Manufacturing include Exact Macola Manufacturing as well as Epicor Manufacturing.

Exact Macola Manufacturing includes materials requirements planning and production order processing together with complete control of the shop floor in order to manage the full manufacturing process. It also handles product routing to optimize the production process work flow, and supports both standard as well as manufacturing cost accounting with financial planning tools as well. There is also support for inventory management to control the flow of materials & products, as well as production planning to optimize the production process.

SAP Manufacturing on the other hand addresses similar areas but also includes support for lean manufacturing techniques to ensure product quality, as well as outsourced manufacturing for specialized products which are needed to support internal manufacturing requirements. Additionally it includes workflow automation with data analytic tools & dashboards to monitor key production performance & operational KPIs.

Epicor Manufacturing however provides a solution to address the needs of both discrete and production manufacturers. Additional features include equipment maintenance management, advanced planning & scheduling, as well as product lifecycle management. There is also a collaboration platform for knowledge sharing & production information, with the product available for deployment on premise, in the cloud or as a hosted solution.

In comparison SAP Manufacturing provides similar deployment options but also includes support for mobile device access. It does not address all of the features provided by Epicor Manufacturing, but it does provide employee workspaces which can be configured to their job requirements and used for status and scheduling purposes.

SAP Manufacturing Pricing Information

The price is only made available to companies that request for it.

SAP Manufacturing demo

25 questions to ask the vendor on SAP Manufacturing demo

SAP Manufacturing Categories

Process Manufacturing
MRP Software
Manufacturing CRM
Manufacturing BI
Manufacturing Supply Chain
Manufacturing HR
Manufacturing Execution Software (MES)
Manufacturing Asset Management
Manufacturing Accounting
Job Shop
Food Manufacturing


Address: Walldorf, Germany
Website:SAP Manufacturing
Customers: Medium business, Large business
Business Area: Production
Platforms: Desktop, Cloud
Operating Systems: Mac OS, Windows, Linux

SAP Manufacturing Features

Client Collaboration
Inventory Management
Supplier Management
Supply Chain Analytics
Supply Chain Monitoring
Supply Chain Planning
Warehouse Management

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