5 Innovative Demand Planning Solutions

Looking for a solution that will accurately predict market demand to guide your supply chain activities? Well, demand planning solutions are designed to do just that. Demand planning software gives you accurate data to facilitate the process of forecasting future consumer demand for the products you sell, helping improve revenue and minimize inventory and stock-out. Accurate analysis of demand will help you prepare and plan inventory levels, ensure the right goods are at the right place at the right time, and create optimal supplier replenishment orders.

1. Fishbowl Inventory

Keeping track of your inventory and demand was never as easy as with Fishbowl Inventory software. Available on-premises and hosted solutions, Fishbowl is one of the best demand planning solutions to streamline inventory control and automate quoting, ordering, and buying processes.

The user-friendly solution comes with an array of features for customized reporting, asset and raw material management, barcoding, and cycle counting. Its integration with QuickBooks makes the integration of production, sales, and distribution processes seamless with back office accounting.

Cons: It requires extensive training to learn how to use the system and make the most of it. Without training, the system may be hard to use.

2. ViewPoint Logistics

A product of Maves, ViewPoint Logistics is designed with an array of features to manage the storage, handling, and distribution of products throughout the supply chain. The demand planning solution features warehouse management tools to better manage inventory and warehouse, boost operational efficiency, and control costs.

Designed for third-party logistics solutions, it seamlessly integrates with the transportation management module, providing real-time tracking and analysis. With its spreadsheet-style interface, the user-friendly tool gives you a clear view of the entire data, making data organizing, monitoring, analyzing, and manipulating easier and improving demand forecast accuracy.

Cons: Integration with some third-party software may be difficult.

3. SCP 4.0

SCP is designed to provide material managers and planners with a demand planning solution to control inventory. An ideal solution for enterprises looking to increase service levels and lower inventory holding costs, the user-friendly and intuitive system helps streamline inventory levels while reducing the cost of inventory.

The manage-by-exception system can seamlessly integrate with other supply chain and enterprise resource planning solutions, adding to the strength of your software suite. With a simple, intuitive interface, SCP 4.0 enables users to view details by week or month, providing important information to accurately represent the supply chain.

Cons:  The system could make it easier to type directly over the item number in use, eliminating the need to highlight the number first in order to change it.

4. Logility Voyager

With best-of-the-breed capabilities, Logility Voyager is a full suite of supply chain optimization solutions that enables you to manage your inventory and supply chain operations hassle-free. The innovative demand planning software features demand, inventory, and supply optimization, value chain collaboration, advanced analytics, and transportation and logistics optimization.

It comes with integrated performance management capabilities that help you monitor and manage supply chain analytics. The cutting-edge solution enables you to align inventory with customer demand, reduce inventory, increase sales, shorten cycle time, and quickly generate forecasts for diverse business needs.

Cons: The interface needs to be a little more intuitive to make it user-friendly for new users, who may find it a little complicated to understand the platform initially. Once you get a knack for using the system, you can reap the best rewards and optimize your investment.

5. Oracle Advanced Procurement

With an integrated suite of applications, Oracle Advanced Procurement solution facilitates the end-to-end procurement process. The system comes with a purchasing transaction feature to help streamline the procurement process and improve forecast accuracy through statistical analysis.

Users can get access to authorized suppliers through its vendor-managed inventory and consignment process and manage inventory. The industry-leading demand planning software is designed to reduce spending on products, ensure compliance, adjust forecasts, improve the flow of orders, increase revenue with accurate forecasts, and streamline procure-to-pay processes.

The dynamic solution can be purchased as an integrated suite of applications or standalone software. Automated data management ensures better operational efficiency while improving forecast accuracy for multiple lifecycle items.

Cons: With a full suite of features, the Oracle Advanced Procurement interface may be difficult to understand. But user guides and customer support can help make your Oracle journey smooth and hassle-free.

Looking to buy the right tool to streamline inventory and cut costs? Look no further than ITQlick for support. Our team of experts can help you find the right demand planning solutions for your organization to help you grow and succeed.

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