How to Find the Right Fleet Management Software?

2022’s Best Fleet Management Software – Using good fleet management software vastly improves the way you manage your fleet. There’s just no reason not to use one.

How to Find the Right Fleet Management Software?

However, you can’t just indiscriminately pick the software to use. It has to be something you carefully evaluated with the help of the following tips:

Know what you need

It is important to examine the nature of your fleet operations to determine what you really need. You also have to make sure that the software you choose provides visibility in all aspects of your fleet business.

You need software that does not only tell you the location and schedules of your fleet. It’s also a major advantage to have the ability to access information that can improve the dispatch and routing of your fleet.

This information can pertain to the most efficient routes to take, traffic situation updates and alternate routes to minimize delays.

Make sure it’s flexible or versatile

Choose a fleet management software that is not limited to a specific system or mode of use. Give preference to one that can be used across multiple devices and different operating systems.

The software can’t be limited to desktops. Having the option to use the software through a smartphone or tablet would be highly advantageous. A cloud-based software solution would be great as you can access the software from any device through a web browser.

Ascertain that it’s easy to use

It’s very important to get fleet management software that is intuitive and easy to use. It’s not going to be just a few people who will be using the software.

As much as possible, everyone in the company should be involved in the use of the software to make it easier to input data into it, direct from the source and in real-time.

Drivers may be allowed to send reports or indicate status through the fleet management software so their data can be immediately reflected in the system.

Best Fleet Management Software

If you are looking for a good fleet management software to use, consider the following options:


This cloud-based application is marketed as “modern fleet management software.” It is intended for the tracking, analyzing, and improvement of fleet operations.

Fleetio features an inventory report system, maintenance summary, service reminder, vehicle inspection reports, fuel tracking, as well as fuel card automation.

It also comes with the ability to integrate with multiple telematics solutions to enable DTC handling and automatic odometer updates. Additionally, it comes with developer APIs so it can be integrated with other popular business software such as Xero and Quickbooks.

This software is intended for large businesses operating various types of fleets, particularly those in the construction, food and beverage, education, oil and gas, mining, trucking, transportation, utility, vehicle leasing, waste management, and service industries.

Fleetio is regarded as an inexpensive fleet management solution. It is available as Fleetio Manage (priced at $3/vehicle per month for the Pro plan and $5/vehicle per month for the Advanced plan) and Fleetio Drive ($4/vehicle per month for the Pro plan and $7/vehicle per month for the Advanced plan).


A live GPS tracking and fleet management solution, ClearPathGPS is a good option for those who don’t want to be bound by service contracts, seasonal users in particular.

ClearPathGPS features a group map screen, iPad satellite view, route history, virtual timecard reports, driver behavior monitoring, virtual timecards, as well as automatic fleet maintenance tracking. It also offers 30-second updates on deployed vehicles along with alerts and support for an unlimited number of users.

This fleet management software is intended for small to midsize businesses that operate fleets used for HVAC, construction, electrical delivery, moving, landscaping, and various other industries. When it comes to pricing,  ClearPathGPS is among the inexpensive fleet management software solutions.


This cloud-based software solution is designed to simplify fleet management and maintenance. It is geared towards the centralization of data, reduction of costs, elimination of process clutter, and improvement of operations efficiency.

One of AUTOsist’s key features is its web portal, which allows users to access the system from anywhere with all data synchronized. It also comes with a service/maintenance tracker that enhances budget monitoring and supports the attachment of receipts. It also comes with a fuel tracker, reminder notifications, service history reports, transfer records, expense analysis reports, and the ability to export backup data to Excel.

AUTOsist is designed for small to midsize businesses in the food, trucking, transportation, construction, landscaping, leasing, utility, education, and service industries.

What makes AUTOsist an excellent choice for fleet management is that you can use it for free with basic functions for a single vehicle and a limited number of users. If you want to use it for up to 5 vehicles, you have to get the Personal plan priced at $9.99 to $19.99 per month (depending on the number of vehicles). For a fleet greater than 5, you have to get the Fleet plan with prices starting at $50 per month.

Choosing the right fleet management software should be based on specific needs and preferences. Fortunately, there are myriad choices available. You just have to carefully scrutinize your options and come up with an informed decision.

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