8 Gamification Software to watch in 2022

Not long ago Gamification was merely a trend, but nowadays is a reality for many companies of all sizes.  Although it’s not useful for every purpose, it has been proved that it increases motivation for short-term goals and simple tasks.

It applies successfully to problem solving and teamwork, where knowledge sharing is the key and recognition by workmates makes a good reward. But the fields where the engagement of your employees will be stronger are without a doubt Sales and Marketing by softening the tension of daily competitiveness to make it feel more like a game.

It doesn’t matter the techniques you apply to motivate your employees, the truth is that at the end of the day there is real money at risk. We are bringing you a selection of the eight Gamification Software for this year 2022, to help and inspire you to apply Gamification to your structure:

“Ready, Set… Go!”  

Bunchball Nitro

It is a reward and motivation program that integrates with other Sales management software, such as Salesforce or IBM Connections. It has an intuitive design that allows you to develop a customized design of targeted challenges for your employees to compete.


This platform enhances engagement through two different channels: Sales and Collaboration. The sales module helps for better adoption and improved performance of your sales department, making it a great choice for sales leaders. The Collaboration version boosts your social software capabilities and improves the efficiency of your organization.


It enables you to set up a simple social network for your employees to share knowledge. It connects your employees to learn and teach, getting recognition for both within your company. It offers a lot of branding customization as well and the content creation process is extremely simple, both for text and video.


If your company is interested in mixing Gamification techniques with training, then this is an excellent software for you. It enhances the participation of employees in the learning process with great graphics and visual content and improves the collaboration between your staff.


Probably the natural habitat for a Gamification solution is the sales department. You set the rules and goals, and metrics will make the rest. It is aimed at improving both individual and team results, rewarding the desired sales behaviors.

ThinkTank 5

Many big companies already know that their biggest asset is their staff, if that’s your case you probably need to organize ThinkTank sessions for your employees to put all their knowledge together and bring you excellent solutions. This software helps you manage the entire process, making it engaging for participants at the same time.

Captain Up

This suite turns your employees into players of competition with missions, ranks, and badges as a rewarding method. It is very strong at monitoring the different processes that your employees use for customer retention and good practices, making it an excellent choice of Gamification techniques, especially for small and medium-sized teams and companies.


Where automation meats Gamification, that’s exactly where Rise stands. It will collect large amounts of data from your social networks and will also detect the actions that your employees take on social media and other means to promote your company, engaging them to take an active part in your marketing strategies.

Motivation is the key, and Gamification Software can really help you boost the motivation of your employees in order to increase their productivity. We invite you to visit our Gamification Software section for detailed reviews of every Gamification Software in the market, together with an in-depth analysis by our team.

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