MHelpdesk Vs. Jobber

#1 Field Service Software: MHelpdesk Vs. Jobber – Managing a field service business is not easy, especially if you don’t have the right tools.  The lack of a solution that properly tracks invoices and payments could cost your business dear.

On top of it, the lack of an efficient customer relationship management tool can affect your customer service. So are you looking for a field service solution for your business?

Well, there are many such products on the market. However, you might be interested to choose between MHelpdesk and Jobber.

Let’s compare the two tools and study their offerings to find out which product can better fit your specific business requirements.

How MHelpdesk and Jobber Are Similar?

With similar core features, both field service solutions are extremely similar. Mhelpdesk offers good features and support, and Jobber is an equally decent platform that is popular for its excellent support. Both tools offer a range of similar features, such as simple scheduling, billing and invoicing, job tracking, electronic payments, and real-time data capture.

With Mhelpdesk and Jobber, you can create and customize your jobs, customer profiles, and each type of service you provide, which will translate over to invoices. Custom fields help you track and record crucial information.

Though there is no feature to directly track the non-availability time of field workers with Mhelpdesk and Jobber, except for viewing assigned tasks, users can easily do the same via event creation on the calendar.

MHelpdesk Vs. Jobber: How Are They Different?

Overview – MHelpdesk Vs. Jobber

As its name suggests, Mhelpdesk is an advanced field service tool designed to boost the productivity of service teams by efficiently tracking orders and simultaneously issuing invoices on the go.  If you have enough traffic, your business needs such a product with an array of features. It is an all-in-one tool for all types of field service businesses.

Contrarily, Jobber is a simple, fast, and secure tool that is not feature-heavy compared to many other top-rated field service solutions, but it does get the job done perfectly and quickly. Jobber helps in the creation of quotes, activity scheduling, invoice generation, and fast payment.

Integrations – MHelpdesk Vs. Jobber

While Mhelpdesk supports a range of third-party solutions and seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar and Google Apps for Work, Jobber works with most third-party apps, including Square, Xero, PayPal, and Stripe.

Mobile app – MHelpdesk Vs. Jobber

Mhelpdesk offers a free mobile app that allows you to view as well as edit customer data. Contrarily, Jobber does not offer any such mobile app. However, they have a mobile-friendly website.

Customization – MHelpdesk Vs. Jobber

Both Mhelpdesk and Jobber come with in-built CRM.  Mhelpdesk is an all-in-one solution if you are into any field service business and need a CRM app to manage customers and other business aspects. As a result, there could be some sync issues.

Compared to Mhelpdesk, Jobber offers a little more customization.  So if you want more customization, you may go for Jobber. Additionally, the latter might be a better choice if you can take care of the CRM duality dilemma.

With Jobber, you can customize your settings if you want to hide some secret information from employees. Users can create a couple of dynamic reports on work, services, and clients. With the app, you can also access free and premium add-ons for expenditure tracking.

Mhelpdesk has some additional features compared to Jobber, including the ability to create custom workflows to be completed by your team.

API – MHelpdesk Vs. Jobber

MHelpdesk offers an API that helps its integration with other software, while no API is available with Jobber.

Cost – MHelpdesk Vs. Jobber

While you have to pay more for Mhelpdesk, Jobber is cheaper compared to the former. This software has a medium to low price point and a solid set of features that keeps customers coming back to it over competitors.

If you are looking for an affordable solution to organize business tasks, you can rely on MHelpdesk, which offers three product packages catering to any budgetary requirement. The free product trial offers you an opportunity to test-drive the solution before investing in it.

The packages start at $99/month (Pro), available for 2 users. You need to pay $30 for every additional user per month. The second package is worth $249 per month (Growth), available for unlimited users. The highest and most feature-rich package – Success – is available for $499 per month.

Compared to Mhelpdesk, Jobber may be a bit expensive for startups. But for a simple, hassle-free, and uncomplicated pricing structure, you may opt for Jobber. You may either choose an annual subscription or a monthly billing scheme.

To test drive the system, you may first take their 30-day free trial. For additional add-ons, you will need to pay additional rates. The monthly plan starts at $59 and the annual plan is available for $39/month.

Bottom Line: Mhelpdesk Vs. Jobber

Whether you want to go with Jobber or MHelpdesk, you will get your hands on an efficient project management solution to organize your business.

But if you are still in doubt about whether to choose MHelpdesk Vs. Jobber, get in touch with ITQlick experts. We can help solve your problem with our knowledge and experience in making top software recommendations for clients.

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