The 2018 Top User Reviews of BambooHR


The employee has always been the most important resource to any formal group of people that have a collective goal such as conducting a business. This realization has always been there ever since organized group activity came into being.

It is only in the recent past however that the term human resources (HR) has been used and the formal practices and disciplines surrounding this term have evolved and assumed strategic significance.

Companies across the board – big or small – are recognizing that managing the workforce is the key to increasing productivity and to stay viable and competitive. There has been a paradigm shift in the perception of management related to the human resources function.

If you are an informed decision maker evaluating alternate HR software solutions, you would totally agree with the above outlook. You would also agree that making a decision about committing to a specific HR software solution requires detailed analysis to make sure that the software can be mapped to your core business processes. Such an analysis coupled with feedback about specific software applications could help you move forward in the right direction.

To move forward with this thought, let’s look at a summary of what users have to say about the HR software solution, BambooHR.

What Users Like About BambooHR

Implementation of any software application is a project by itself that requires planning and honest efforts both by the end user’s team and the vendor’s functional experts. The feedback of almost all users of BambooHR is that the entire implementation process was smooth and without major issues. The BambooHR implementation team assisted users into taking full ownership of the application.

Undoubtedly the implementation team of BambooHR is assisted by the fact that the user interface of the application is crisp, responsive and above all very intuitive.  The modern look and feel of the application has been endorsed by most users we have come across. Users are unanimous about the fact that the layout and presentation of the underlying functionality reduces the learning curve dramatically.

Even after the implementation phase of an application is over, users will still require after sales support. This is where the proactive after sales support team plays a vital role. Almost without exception users have nothing but praise for the after sales service team.

One observation made by users is that getting through to a live support person who will listen to and solve your problem is very easy and fast. There is no complicated IVR menu to go through and service requests go through the first time without the hassles of call backs.

The users agree that the service team is well-trained and knowledgeable about the product. They are willing and able to solve issues in the relatively rare occasions that issues come up.

Vector human resources concept

Creating a software application that can be easily configured and is flexible enough to cater to a wide audience of users across business types and organization size is no small achievement.

According to user feedback it is very easy to create user definable tabs, fields and reports and to configure in-built options. Given such inbuilt flexibility there are few scenarios where users need customized solutions. Users love the fact that the mobile applications give them great flexibility when they are on the move.

What Users Feel Can Be Improved Upon

Negative feedback about BambooHR touches on a range of mostly disparate and very user specific issues. A minor glitch here and a wish list item there. At no point have users criticized BambooHR’s ability to fulfill core requirements This just goes to show that no application software is by any means perfect.

As examples, users would like to see better integration with their payroll systems and time clocking applications, greater functionality in the mobile applications and the option to host the application on in-house servers.

The users have the underlying feeling of confidence that BambooHR will eventually introduce new features and add functionality to existing modules. None of the negative reviews that we came across were deal breakers.

Software companies are always striving to improve productivity, user-friendliness and introduce new features in each version. BambooHR with its customer centric attitude is no exception.