The Best FREE HR Software for 2018

Gusto Vs. Zenefits
Gusto Vs. Zenefits

When it comes to managing a large workforce, a human resources (HR) software solution can come in handy, so you can efficiently manage every single aspect of HR operations. From recruiting to onboarding, sourcing, applicant tracking, payroll, personnel tracking, time and attendance, archiving personnel records, and learning management, human resources software does it all.

Here is a list of free HR software for 2017:

  1. HRTrack

If you are looking for free HR software for 2017 that lets you maintain and track employee records, then get your hands on HRtrack. The free employee database software lets you maintain employee records and track absenteeism.

What’s more, you also get 40 different standardized reports to stay in the know and analyze and aggregate data. The solution streamlines key employee administration tasks, making it easier to file paper records, spreadsheets, track performance, and effortlessly organize employee records.

The software is free for only 10 members.

Cons: There is a lack of online or phone support in the HRTrack free version. Additionally, users must have Microsoft Office in their systems to generate reports.

  1. Bitrix24

When it comes to personnel tracking, time and attendance, and other key human resources tasks, Bitrix 24 is an affordable option. With the free version available for 12 users, Bitrix24 is a cloud-based free HR software suite that features over 35 separate tools for the ease of project management, HR, and customer relationship management.

The highly functional and robust solution comes with an array of capabilities to make your task easier, including document management, leave management, interview scheduling, employee directory, and job posting.

It also features a shared calendar and an internal social network to facilitate employee engagement, creating a unified workspace to handle the day-to-day business operations.

Cons: Users do not have the option to brand or create a custom domain with the free version.

  1. Orange HRM

This is free HR software for 2017 that works for businesses of all sizes, whether big or small. Designed with such capabilities as document management, benefits management, and employee self-service, Orange HRM is the ideal solution for recruiting, personnel tracking, performance reviews, and time and attendance.

With the human resources management system, users get centralized control of core HR functions. The software is designed with basic recruiting tools and makes it easier to customize user roles. A centralized employee data is all you need for efficient management of personnel information.

The selection and filtration criteria make quick access to information possible. The HRM software features leave and time off management, recruiting, and applicant tracking management. The HR team can leverage the software to keep an eye on employee performance and use it for appraisal management.

The HR software is available as a free download, and the platform has more functionality than most open source options.

Cons: Users may not be able to access the software remotely. You need your own server to host the solution. Or there is another option, where in Orange HRM offers to host it for you at an extra charge.

  1. Zoho

One of the most popular human resources information systems, Zoho People is a comprehensive suite of integrated HR solutions. The system comes with an array of capabilities to make human resources management process seamless, manage employee information, track absenteeism, and keep track of travel expenses.

This includes time tracking, attendance and leave management, form customization, and employee self-service. It has a simple interface with drag and drop option.

Leverage its leave management feature to customize leave types. The feature is used by employees to apply online for leave. The software gives a centralized view of employee details on the basis of different criteria, including location, leave type, role, and experience.

Cons: The free version is limited to five users and 10 employees.

  1. WebHR

A viable option for startups and small businesses, the cloud-based free HR software for 2017 is designed to handle all of your core HR needs, including payroll, employee training, expense reporting, applicant and personnel tracking, vacation and leave tracking, performance appraisal, time and attendance, and recruiting.

It is popularly known as a social HR platform. Designed with employee self-service functionality, the software helps you manage employee trainings.

Cons: WebHR lacks report generation and document management and is free for 10 employees.

If you are still looking for the best free HR software for 2017, connect with ITQlick today. Our experienced HR software advisors will take into consideration your specific functionality and budgetary requirements and company size and give you a list of relevant options. Allow us to make the best software recommendations for you so that you can improve, succeed, and grow.