Top 5 BI Software for Startups


Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are key tools for a company as they provide them the option to analyze vast amounts of data effectively so that they can detect market trends and customer issues and respond accordingly. In a competitive environment, this is a key differentiator between reactive and proactive companies, whereas businesses that include adaptation to change in the core of their strategy are more likely to be much more successful.

We at ITQlick understand that startup companies need these tools as an important strategic enabler. As a small company startups need to be able to adapt to change quicker, and prove themselves both as responsive to service and product developments. When we look to recommend the best BI solutions that can be used by startup companies, we consider factors such as reasonable pricing, scope of available functionality, software investment requirements, and the solution’s growth path and its compliance with startup’s business expansion needs. We have reviewed numerous BI solutions and some of our best recommendations include the following.

1. Pentaho Business Analytics

Pentaho Business Analytics is designed to integrate multiple data sources while requiring no technical knowledge on the customer’s part. Its features include visual display and analysis, customizable reports, and real-time dashboards, as well as a predictive analytics feature that recommends actions based on market and customer data analysis to help companies plan optimal business strategies.

Pentaho Business Analytics is beneficial for startup companies as it is offered both as an on-premise or cloud based solution, comes with a free trial, and is mobile device access ready giving startup companies’ great flexibility in it utilization. Finally, this solution can be scaled for just about any size of business offering a clear enhancement path along with company growth.

2. Vismatica

Vismatica is a BI software that provides core analytic features and an additional collaboration functionality that allows sharing visual data, reports, video and images for joint review and decision making. In addition, users can build customizable dashboards based on information derived from multiple sources.

As a cloud-based solution, Vismatica is scalable for any number of users so companies can adjust as they grow, and it also offers a free trial period and a unique offering of a thirty day money back guarantee. This provides startup companies with clear benefits of ensuring that the software meets their requirements, while being cost effective.

3. InsightSquared Analytics Suite

This is a Salesforce Analytics solution that includes marketing, financials, resourcing and support analytics. Its features include sales forecasting and pipeline trend management, sales and customer analysis with KPIs, as well as sales and marketing reviews with a business strategy. InsightSquared also offers integration with Quickbooks for analyzing financial data.

It is a cloud-based system that gives startup companies easy access to Salesforce solutions, including its App exchange for many free additional tools that can expand the functioanlity of the BI Analytics suite. Additionally, InsightSquared is scalable for future business expansion and offers startup companies clear advantages by linking with Salesforce highly rated sales and marketing solutions.

4. Sisense

Sisense allows customers to unify data from multiple sources, and build reports and dashboards with rich visual displays for effective data analysis. It includes collaboration features, is mobile device access ready and offers a free trial to customers. Sisense includes a unique proprietary in-chip technology that allows that allows efficient processing of large data volumes of quicker data analysis for quick query realization, which will provide a clear advantage to growing companies with increasing data analysis requirements. Sisense  is available both as an on-premise and a cloud-based solution, both being offered on a subscription basis, allowing startups to choose the most cost effective investment option.

5. Panorama Necto

Panorama Necto meets the analytics requirements for the BI 3.0 version by focusing on social collaboration and decision making. This is achieved by providing suggestive intelligence based on collaborative insights of the organizational teams, an important differentiator for startups requiring an additional business edge in their market. As a cloud-based solution it is scalable for any size of business. Panorama Necto does not provide a free trial, however it does offer startup companies the ability to use the software before deciding on a purchase through a free download of its desktop edition.

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Shlomi holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Information system engineering from Ben Gurion University in Israel. Shlomi brings 10 years of IT and IS management experience in consulting, selecting and implementing information systems for small and global companies.