2018 Best Applicant Tracking Software

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Best DAM

Hiring agencies and HR departments are engaged in continuous engagement with workforce. The task gets tough and time consuming without technology, which could automate and optimize routine hiring activities. Applicant tracking software is designed to make your task easier, helping you track job requirements and securely store candidate profiles, resumes, and contact details.

With an ATS system, you can quickly

  • extract the information you need, wasting less time on tracking profiles
  • search candidates on the basis of their age, qualification, experience

Your company’s recruiting efforts should be efficient. You may want to explore the following 2018 best applicant tracking software:

  1. Greenhouse

If you are looking for a solution to manage the entire hiring process, then look no further than Greenhouse. Designed to align with your organizational processes, the applicant tacking solution uses industry best practices to help hiring teams make informed choices and hire the right talent. The intuitive software features an application review tool that gives you complete overview of the candidate profile.

Greenhouse comes complete with a clean interface and capabilities for quick interview scheduling, creating templates, and adding permissions. Leverage this single platform to optimize your entire recruiting process, conduct more focused interviews, find best talent, and make data-driven talent acquisition decisions.

Cons: More advanced search features could make the software even more useful.

  1. Jobvite

One of the 2018 best applicant tracking software solutions, Jobvite helps you efficiently and cost-effectively manage the whole process of talent acquisition. With the ease of integration with social networks, the applicant recruiting program gives you all the tools required to post jobs in Facebook, LinkedIn and track applicants throughout the hiring process. Easy to customize, create reports, and source metrics, the software integrates with Gmail Calendar and MS Outlook, so managing applicant interviews is easy.

Cons:  There is no forum for consumer collaboration.

  1. myStaffing Pro

Looking for the most efficient tool to track applicants and recruitment? myStaffingPro is designed as a cloud-based recruiting and applicant tracking system accessible anytime anywhere. Easy to use and configure, myStaffing Pro is deemed to be 2018 best applicant tracking software that features an optimized career portal that can scout the right talent.

The powerful, cost-effective solution helps businesses streamline HR operations, providing tools for behavioral & skills assessment through certified vendors. The Interactive Voice Response system can be used for interview and candidate applications. It can be used for onboarding and approval of offer letters digitally. There is an option for video interviewing for recruitment agencies.

Cons: The software is available only for US users at present.

  1. Lumesse TalentLink

The web-based talent acquisition solution is rated as one of the best applicant tracking software applications that provides you the tools to identify, acquire, and train the right talent. This allows your HR team to spend time with potential candidates and make right hiring decisions. Lumesse develops integrated talent management solutions to help you grow your business, improving efficiency, reducing cost-to-hire, and making administration tasks easier.

You can rely on the easy-to-update applicant tracking solution for onboarding, competency management, recruiting, learning, and career & succession planning to improve recruitment and retention of employees. A perfect solution for on-demand talent acquisition for HR, it is a cross industry product that offers multiple deployment options, including on-premise deployment, hosted solution, and SaaS, helping you acquire local resources and improving recruitment efficiency.

Cons: Third party integration is available as an additional service, so you need to pay extra for this feature.

  1. Resumator

One of the most intuitive applicant tracking tools, Resumator comes with multiple capabilities to help recruit the best talent. This includes social recruiting, collaborative hiring, job marketing, applicant reporting & analytics, and applicant tracking, so you know the status of each applicant in the recruitment process. The tool allows recruitment teams to collaborate on the hiring processes and leverage real-time reports to make informed decisions.

Social media integration is another feature of the talent acquisition tool, so you can hunt for the most qualified people for the vacancies. Resumator simplifies the recruitment process and streamlines processes while reducing the time and effort involved in hiring the right talent.

Cons: The application is not compatible with any API.

Still wondering which talent acquisition tool is the best?

These are just of few of the 2018 best applicant tracking software solutions. You can explore similar talent acquisition solutions at ITQlick – your best resource for software applications. Get unbiased reviews on and unmatched software recommendations from the talented, skilled, and highly experienced ITQlick team.

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