2018 Best Payroll SaaS Software for Enterprise


Payroll processing is a crucial part of business processes. Efficient management of payroll is important to keep the processes running smoothly. Payroll software could save you time and money by efficiently managing payroll and employee data, increasing accuracy, processing reports, and mitigating compliance risk. As a large enterprise, you are looking for an enterprise resource planning solution that will seamlessly integrate payroll, accounting, and HR functions.

1. UltiPro

Available as a software-as-a-service, the comprehensive payroll, HR, and talent management solution gives enterprises complete visibility of the entire lifecycle of employees. Simple to use, UltiPro gives you all the tools needed to manage all the processes related to human resources and payroll. The intuitive application gives you an all-inclusive package and is designed to automate and streamline HR processes and thus reduce administrative workload.

Cons: It requires several people to manage the application, which is full of features and may be cumbersome to handle by one person.

2. iSolved

With a complete suite of applications, iSolved is designed with all the tools required to manage payroll and human resources. The intuitive payroll SaaS solution is scalable and grows with your business, allowing payroll managers to review overtime, payroll in real-time, schedule upcoming shifts, and write performance reports. The flexible application is designed with three main modules, including time and attendance, payroll, and HR and is accessible anywhere from any device connected to the Internet. iSolved helps managers easily track vacation schedules, create performance reviews, and adjust employee compensation, thus simplifying human resource management. The easy-to-use tool enables employees to review company policies, access pay stubs, and enroll for benefits.

Cons: Better integration with accounting solutions could improve the efficiency of this system.

3. CriterionHCM

A robust, fully-integrated human resources and payroll software solution, CriterionHCM is an easy to use system that makes payroll, human capital management easier and efficient. The highly flexible and easily configurable application is scalable and can meet all of your evolving HR apps. Its core payroll management capabilities include payroll reports printing, paychecks printing, and direct deposit management. Easy to integrate, the application works seamlessly with existing HR and payroll management systems. Its tax management capabilities include electronic filing of tax reforms, federal tax calculation, and state and local tax calculation. Users can also access a range of federal and state tax forms. Other key features include learning management, accurate payroll management, and time and attendance tracking. It also offers online performance reviews and auditing and EEO reporting to support your company’s needs.

Cons: The application runs slow sometimes, but this drawback doesn’t make it any less useful.

4. VistaHRMS

A comprehensive suite of human resources and payroll management, VistaHRMS provides tools required for streamlining and organizing employee management. The single integrated module is designed with a Human Resource feature to provide users with complete HR administration, compensation, benefits, and salary/wage administration. With the self service module, users can empower their workforce. It is easy to customize reports with VistaHRMS that helps users manage and streamline the entire employee lifecycle.

Cons:  It has a long learning curve, and you cannot make the most of the system without receiving training in using all of its features.

5. SyncHR

A fully integrated suite of applications, SyncHR is designed as a single source for HR, payroll, and benefits. Easy to use and navigate, SyncHR is a single database system that provides real-time, seamless access to all areas within the application. The unified platform, with one point of data entry, ensures efficient sharing of accurate data. Simple to customize, the payroll SaaS system provides a seamless solution across different functional areas. The employee self service portal gives employees an intuitive way to take control of their information, thus reducing the number of calls to the human resources department. The manager self service portal is equally intuitive and improves the overall workflow of the department. Time & attendance and employee scheduling reduces payroll processing time significantly.

Cons: The application has limited user defined fields. However, these are expected to be upgraded in 2018.

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