Enterprise CRM: Microsoft Dynamics AX, Oracle, and SAP


Enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) systems are designed for large businesses with varying needs and multi-faceted customer-facing approaches, but it works equally good for small enterprises.

With multiple departments and sales teams, it is crucial for such organizations to get their hands on a robust system that can handle their critical business processes and give them instant access to accurate customer & business data.

It is here that a reliable enterprise CRM can take care of all such requirements, coordinating all such multi-faceted, cross-functional processes, centralizing real-time customer information, and allowing for greater degree of automation and understanding of customer behavior and interests. This will automatically translate into a better customer experience.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

The Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise CRM is designed with a multi-layered architecture and unlimited user scalability that can adapt to your changing business needs.

Integration: The user-friendly CRM allows for seamless collaboration both internal and external applications, helping businesses share information within and outside the organization hassle free.

The application features tools that integrate data and reports from social media.  The comprehensive business functionality suite provides comprehensive support for social media applications, sales and marketing, sales intelligence, and customer care, helping you keep customers happy, grow sales, and maximize profits. Global ERP support is available with the system that helps in the quick resolution of issues.

Implementation & use: With a shorter implementation time, the enterprise customer relationship management solution allows users to make changes as and when required and get them implemented quickly.

Availability: The tool is available on premises, in the cloud, and with a hybrid combination.

Automation: Microsoft Dynamics AX CRM is designed to automate business processes and thus reduce costs and increase profitability and returns through sales force & marketing automation and customer service.

Mobility:  The enterprise CRM offers mobile apps and platforms to enable you to manage your relationships with customers while on the go on your mobile devices.

Cons: The solution is designed for larger companies and does not offer much support for small businesses.


With powerful capabilities, Oracle CRM is one of the most popular CRM platforms available today, helping generate sales. It gives a tough competition to Microsoft Dynamics AX, with its array of features and capabilities that match that of Microsoft.

Integration: With easy integration features, the system can seamlessly integrate with a range of modules.

Implementation & use: Easy to use and customize, Oracle features excellent automation capabilities, thus eliminating the need for manual data processing, saving time of employees, who can use that time for other key activities.

Availability: Available both as an on-premise and SaaS solution, the unique application comes with first-rate collaboration capabilities and can enable you to easily communicate across channels and departments.

 Automation: The system creates an automatic purchase order for an inventory stock that falls below a certain point, so you never have to worry about stock shortage and can simply focus on improving sales and generating more leads and conversions.

Mobility: If you value mobility, the enterprise CRM from Oracle is the right choice, as it could be accessed on smartphones and all kinds of handheld devices, so you can efficiently and conveniently manage real-time data. The solution enables analytics tracking to check your business performance.

Cons: The application works only with limited supporting devices, including iPad, Open API, and iPhone.


As a full feature suite, SAP CRM comes with sales, marketing, customer service, data management, and commerce solution capabilities. The intuitive platform gives you better insight into customer analytics, helping you understand how to better engage with them and make them customers for life.

Integration: SAP CRM is designed for the integration of marketing, sales, and service with enterprise apps and business processes to help organizations offer omni-channel customer service, attain excellence, generate growth, and boost competitive agility.

Availability: The application can be deployed both on premises and in the cloud.

Automation: SAP enterprise CRM solutions can automate key business processes, such as order to cash value chain, across multiple applications and integrate with supplier relationship management, supply chain management, and product lifecycle management.

Mobility: Get the right customer data anywhere anytime with SAP CRM that works seamlessly on mobile devices.

Cons: The SAP CRM dashboard is not as intuitive as the other two applications and takes time to understand, especially for new users, who find it little more complex. But with practice, the application works like a breeze.

The goal of any CRM system is to help organizations sell products more effectively, provide better customer service, engage prospects and convert leads, and maintain relationship with existing customers.

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