Optimizely vs Monetate


If you are looking for a platform to boost conversions, analyze customer behavior, and market your brand more effectively, there are applications that can come in handy. Optimizely and Monetate are two such products that you may want to try out.  Let’s compare these marketing software solutions to find which one would serve your interests better.

Ease of Use

  • If you are looking for ways to improve your website and convert visitors into customers, leverage the power of the user-friendly Optimizely. With no coding knowledge required, Optimizely is an analytic software tool that an amateur who is new to website design can install and instantly benefit from the implementation in the form of actionable data. The analytic A/B testing software is easy to integrate into any website to track performance.
  • Monetate is easy to use marketing software that does not require Java or HTML, or technical knowledge. The analytics and optimization software is designed to help businesses refine their marketing strategies to grow business and boost revenue.  With Monetate, it is possible to test, analyze, optimize, personalize and customize email to reach maximum potential customers.


  • Optimizely provides real-time reports that can be turned into actionable insights. It is easy to integrate with other analytic software tools, so the user gets a clear picture of how well your website is performing.
  • Get detailed reports using Monetate, which provides you with the tools to create a customer database with detailed demographic information collected by the software. The information gives detailed reports on consumer buying behavior, helping you customize the experience for each customer. Its email optimization tool leverages the customer data when it comes to creating email marketing campaigns. The tool generates reports on email performance, helping marketers change strategies accordingly to maximize the effectiveness of their campaign.


  • Optimizely is easy to customize, giving the user the freedom to track the data as they want to. Experienced programmers can personalize Optimizely even further. Optimizely provides companies with a myriad of tools to track valuable information and turn data into analytics that can help improve conversion rates and increase revenue. With Optimizely, you can transform a website into a successful venture.
  • With Monetate, it is possible to deliver, create, and manage personalized experiences across email, web, and mobile in one easy-to-use solution. You can get access to big data insights, testing, merchandising, and analytics with the software solution. It is easier than ever to track, test, and personalize performance, so you can market yourself more efficiently and effectively, thus increasing revenue with targeted selling and helping save money by reducing useless advertising. Turn data into actions and create campaigns that target dynamic customer attributes.


  • Optimizely is easy to integrate with the existing solutions, which means no big hurdles in seamless implementation across platforms, thus helping enhance workflow. The application integrates with Google Analytics and WordPress.
  • Monetate can be integrated with third-party apps. Once data is tracked through the open source libraries, it is translated and routed to Monetate in an easy-to-understand format.


  • Optimizely is best suited for businesses of all sizes and independent professionals, such as freelancers.
  • Monetate is the best website optimization tool for mid-sized businesses and enterprises.


  • Optimizely provides online support and knowledge base
  • Monetate provides phone support, online support, Knowledge Base, Video Tutorials, and FAQs


  • With a free trial available, users can try out Optimizely for free to see how it works for their business. The starter Plan is chargeable once you reach a visitor number threshold.
  • Monetate does not offer a free trial.


  • Optimizely features visitor segmentation tools that enable you to segment visitors that connect with your website & mobile apps, so you may focus on high-value visitors. Integration of data across all your platforms helps improve customer engagement, improve revenue opportunities across different platforms, including mobile, desktop, and mobile apps with multi-page testing and A/B testing.
  • Monetate combines marketing analytics with customer knowledge to deliver win-win experiences at every phase of the relationship. Interact and engage with customers through winning site experiences across every page, strengthening relationships and building lifetime value. With the marketing software, you can run intelligent display and retargeting campaigns to discover and attract old customers and convert lost visitors. Additionally, Monetate helps transform marketing from discrete campaigns to personalized experiences, helping maximize lifetime value of each customer.