Email Marketing in 2018 – The Right Way


Email Marketing in 2018 – The Right Way – You cannot dare to ignore email marketing in this competitive business landscape.

It won’t be wrong to say that your email is one of the most popular marketing mediums and keeping in touch with leads. Email marketing software is a handy tool to automate common email marketing tasks.

It measures the impact of each marketing campaign, besides helping businesses find ways to segmenting customers from target audience. Launch, track, and create campaigns to promote your brand message and nurture leads.

Top 5 email marketing tools


Simplify your email marketing efforts and get organized with Infusionsoft.

The software features lead generation tools, customer relationship management functionality, social media tools, and marketing automation to attract, engage, and convert leads, streamline sales, and close deals.

Collation of data from different client responses and analysis of the same is a critical function of Infusionsoft, which helps users customize an appropriate marketing strategy. This helps convert leads into prospects.

Cons: Pricing may be little too much for a startup business.


A perfect email marketing software solution for companies that focus on business-to-business sales automation, Pardot offers a comprehensive suite for automated support.

The Pardot suite is known for its lead scoring capability and enables batch email marketing, lead management, and real-time sales alerts.

The simplified lead generation boosts sales team productivity while grading and management tools help convert potential sales.

The email marketing tool allows the sales & marketing team to develop effective targeted campaigns with easy-to-use, customizable templates to optimize email deliverability.

Cons: First-time users may find it little too complicated to browse through the interface, though it does get easier over time.


Creating lasting connections with your audience is your dream. Sending powerful, personalized emails can help you in this direction.

Act-On is designed with a drag-and-drop composer for emails to help you create stunning email responses that convert leads to customers.

With the drag and drop menu, sending email messages is a snap. The application comes with flexible testing and previewing tools, so you can check your message before it is sent to subscribers.

As one of the top email marketing software on the market, the tool allows you to create automated marketing campaigns. Automated email nurturing enables triggering emails based on a pre-set schedule, real-time behaviors, or overall engagement.

Cons: The system runs slow sometimes. The best approach is to test out the system to see how it works for you.


Become an email marketing pro with Experiture, the leading enterprise class solution for automated campaigns that delivers relevant content.

With Experiture, a single platform is all you need to craft transactional emails, simple campaigns, and automated campaigns. The application enables you to create, compose, and format stunning emails; incorporate emails inside landing pages, direct mail, or mobile marketing, without requiring any technical help.

The easy-to-use, intuitive campaign management platform gives you the tools to create fully automated, customized multi-channel integrated messaging campaigns. Go wild with your imagination with Experiture – say hello to marketing campaigns that run by itself.

The full suite of features helps broaden engagement with automated multichannel marketing campaigns that enhance value.

Cons: The overall platform could be little more user friendly for even better experience. However, the customer support team is just a click away, so they can walk you through the interface if you are struck somewhere.


If you are looking for the top email marketing software to maximize your ROI through email-focused technology, then Adestra can come in handy. There is no better way to engage with customers and audience than the email, delivering personalized messages based on customer behavior and traits.

Engage with your audience and turn them from leads to customers with timely and relevant email content that creates interest. Seamless data and analytics integration ensures that you have all the subscriber data at hand, so you can send targeted emails. The powerful, easy-to-use enterprise solution is designed to be customized to cater to your unique business requirements.

It is packed with an array of features to optimize your marketing campaigns, such as Form Builder, Split Testing, and Message Focus approval system. Adestra gives you a configurable email platform, so you can control the sign off process for marketing campaigns. Additionally, there are flexible options for testing campaigns.

With email marketing still considered the leading marketing channel for return on investment, it is a great idea to invest in a system that makes the entire process smooth and boosts your marketing campaign.

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