Top 5 Distribution Software for SMBs


Distribution can be described as the process of ensuring optimal supply and demand of goods without creating inventory shortage or excess, thus minimizing costs. In the present competitive environment, where demand requirements change rapidly, organizations need a system that can analyze both current requirements and future trends for properly managing the product distribution network. Consequently, distribution software systems have become increasingly important in managing business operations.

This is why we at ITQlick understand that the choice of distribution software for SMBs has to be viewed as a business enabler. Therefore, in our review of distribution solutions we have a considered a number of key factors such as pricing and return on investment, available functionality, technology investment and software access options, as well as customization and scalability to new business requirements. In this manner, we have reviewed numerous distribution solutions and some of our best recommendations include the following.

1. Acumatica Distribution Management

The distribution management module is part of Acumatica’s portfolio of business solutions. Its features include sales and purchase order management, inventory management, workflow management, shipments and carrier integration as well as inventory restocking recommendations.

It is available  both as an on premise and cloud-based solution, and is accessible via a variety of mobile devices. Acumatica Distribution Management is good for SMBs that are looking for a flexible distribution system that provides real-time control over operations, supports customization for adapting to specific business needs, and offers a scalable solution.

2. ADS Solutions Distribution

ADS Solutions Distribution is focused on wholesale distributors and is available as an on-premise or cloud-based solution tailored to business requirements. Its features include inventory management, purchasing and vendor management, order processing and fulfillment, as well as financials, product pricing and CRM.

ADS offers SMBs an extensive ecommerce module for supporting internet ordering for both wholesale and retail requirements, along with an eCatalog. ADS Solutions Distribution also includes a variety of reporting options for performance monitoring, stock tracking, and process optimization. Another outstanding feature is supporting multi-level pricing with gives SMBs the option set prices competitively to their customers.

3. Inform Distribution

Inform Distribution is another wholesale distribution solution that includes accounting and inventory, sales and purchasing, and eCommerce support. With Inform Distribution SMBs can track inventory levels, perform purchasing forecasts and find “dead” stock.

Additional functionality includes flexible pricing options that allow personalized customer pricing, and multi-layered price levels with automatic triggers. Inform Distributio is integrated with mobile devices for stock tracking and information update, as well as business analytics with dashboards. It is available as an on-premise or cloud-based solution and is scalable, which offers SMBs great flexibility.

4. Epicor Distribution

Epicor Distribution is available for a variety of distribution requirements and provides SMBs a scalable product for any business size. It is focused on providing a complete supply chain management solution that can integrate multiple warehouses across various industry sectors.

Epicor Distribution is mobile device access ready and supports collaboration portals for customers and suppliers, and eCommerce integration. Its features include multi-channel orders, advanced demand and inventory replenishment management, product kits and assembly requirements, multiple costing methods, and shipment and fulfillment.

Epicor Distribution is multi-lingual and supports global requirements. Expanding SMBs with international activity that are looking for a full featured distribution software that also offers access to a powerful ERP suite of applications should consider Epicor Distribution.

5. Distribution One

Distribution One is a specialized solution that is focused only on distributors. Its features include inventory and warehouse management, purchasing and inventory replenishment, financials, sales and pricing management, planning and forecasting, and management reporting.

There are also additional options for CRM, document management, and integration with leading shipping agencies such as Fedex and UPS. Distribution One also supports eCommerce through its integration with Yahoo Stores and online payment processing.

Distribution One is available as an on-premise, hosted or cloud-based solution tailored to customer requirements, and also supports access via mobile devices through a number of ready made mobile apps. Distribution One is a good option for SMBs that are looking for a customizable, cost-effective, and flexible product that meets their evolving distribution requirements.