What is Dispatch Software? 2022’s Top 5

2022’s Top 5 Dispatch Software – Dispatching is an important function for any business to manage day-to-day field services.

The dispatch scheduling system is designed to empower field service teams to effortlessly manage business and keep technicians on track.

With these solutions handy, users can create custom fields for personalizing the system to fulfill the needs of their clients and solve customer support issues in a myriad number of industries, including plumbing, construction, and mobile auto repair.

The technology can help users make significant improvements in cost reduction, schedule efficiency, bottom line, and customer satisfaction.

A dispatch software tool:

  • Allows teams to either accept or reject new jobs
  • Can help a technician assign a new job to a specific team member based on their proximity to a job site or an open slot
  • Helps technicians get customers to sign off electronically in an instant
  • Enables technicians to cross-check route distance as well as time to travel

Features of Dispatching Software

Route planning

A dispatch software tool is designed to help technicians organize work calls by location. It helps reduce fuel expenses and travel time. Additionally, organizing work calls can help you increase the number of scheduled calls for the day.

Work order management

With a dispatching software solution, users can easily create work orders based on names and addresses, besides giving relevant notes to workers, depending on their proximity, availability, urgency, and level of expertise.

Some systems are designed to enable the tracking of work order completion on mobile.


Now it is easier to schedule technicians for the right jobs with a dispatching software solution. Users can send the right technician at the right time to the right job, depending on their availability and location.

This comes in handy where multiple fleets are required. The solution facilitates the task of combining crews for such activities, centralizing all worker schedules into a single module.

As a result, it is possible to check the availability of workers, besides the time and location. For an urgent jobs, a manager can quickly check whether a worker is available closest to the job site.

Customer qualification

A dispatch scheduling software comes in handy when a technician needs relevant customer information for job completion. The data may include work history.

Inventory control

With a dispatching software tool, it is easier than ever to control inventory and track assets on hand. The solution makes it easier to check inventory from a remote location.

A comprehensive dispatcher software suite may come integrated with a range of dispatch solutions, including equipment tracking, contract management, help desk, forecasting and reporting, accounting, and failure analysis.

Top 5 Dispatch Software

SalesOutlook CRM

The customer relationship management system is easy to use. It automatically syncs the customer information in a single place rather than collecting it as a separate database.

The intuitive interface provides an array of features to optimize the customer experience. The drag and drop option makes it easier for contacts to drop and drag different lead categories from the email.

The CRM solution can be integrated with iPad, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android. SalesOutlook CRM features include document management, lead tracking, quotations, and opportunity management.

A right click on a customer’s name can open up their contact details. The system optimizes user efficiency and enhances customer satisfaction.


Combining the power of contact management and project management for dispatching organizations is the intuitive Insightly. With the dispatching software, users can better manage contacts. The software helps users anticipate future sales and manage projects.

Insightly enables users to track sales, contacts, tasks, communications, documents, and projects in a single platform. With Insightly, it is easier to improve relationships with customers by organizing data in a way that you can better understand their concerns.

Its integrated project management features are designed to help users set tasks and milestones to interact with customers.

Base CRM

With the Base CRM, it is easier for businesses to boost productivity. The software can help businesses manage customers and work with leads. Base CRM features include lead tracking, customer and sales management, email automation, and reports and analytics.

Users can manage sales more effectively with the sales management features, such as reporting, sales forecasting, sales tracking, and goals and quotas.

Lead tracking functionality facilitates the task of closing deals easily. It features lead capture form, lead conversion flow, sales forecasting, and visual reporting. Base CRM also features email integration and automation.

Bpm Online

The process-based customer relationship management solution is designed with service and sales automation and marketing features.

It is a full-service suite of seamlessly integrated features, which makes customer management easier.

Bpm Online delivers end-to-end processes so users can leverage them to manage the customer journey, from lead generation to sales, and improve operational efficiency.


With integrated CRM functionality, Membrain is a sales automation platform with a range of features, such as sales analytics, pipeline management, content management, lead scoring, and prospecting.

The CRM database securely stores customer information. Its lead scoring functionality enables users to define unique qualifiers and pre-define scoring criteria. Users can seamlessly assign qualified prospects.

With sales analytics functionality, users have access to tools to measure sales performance, improvement areas, and key performance indicators.

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