Top 5 HR Software for SMBs


As competition continues to grow in the business environment, more and more companies realize that in order to be successful, they need to have an effective system that obtains the best talent, adequately rewards it and ensures its retention for the benefit of the company.

In this regard, Human Resources (HR) software supports HR departments by assisting them in key areas such as recruitment and retention strategies, employee compensation, performance and rewards, payroll processing, and attendance and leave management.

At ITQlick we understand at an SMB you already have an established employee base, and are looking for a system to effectively manage and retain key talent for driving your future business growth.

For this reason we look to recommend the best HR solutions by considering factors such as pricing, level of available functionality, software investment requirements, and the return on investment that the software provides to businesses. In this regard we have reviewed a number of HR solutions and some of our best recommendations include the following.

1. Kronos Workforce Ready

Kronos Workforce Ready is offered as a cloud based solution with a subscription service, and companies only pay for employees used, even if their number changes. It is a module based application designed specifically for SMB companies, allowing them to choose only the modules they require.

Kronos Workforce Ready addresses most main HR features such as time and attendance, leave management, human resources functions, and payroll management. Another benefit for SMBs is that Kronos Workforce Ready is mobile device access ready and comes with a portfolio of its own timeclocks for attendance tracking, providing costs benefits to SMBs.

Additionally, Kronos Workforce Ready is scalable for larger enterprise requirements, thus offering a clear growth path for SMBs experiencing rapid growth.

2. SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors offers solutions tailored for SMBs as well as options for expanding their medium and larger business offerings as the company grows. It is a SAP company that delivers a cloud-based HR solution and its main features include core HR functions, performance and compensation management, talent recruitment and retention, and learning management.

There are collaboration features provided through the SAP Jam platform, as well as workforce data analytics. Finally, SuccessFactors offers SMBs modular functional packages so that they will be able to choose the features that are key to their requirements, a cost effective option for SMBs to consider.

3. EmpXtrack

EmpXTtrack offers a cloud-based solution that covers resource planning and budgeting, recruitment and performance management, and employee growth and retention strategies.

It is provided as a modular solution so companies can choose pre-defined packages that best fit their requirements, as well as an option to choose a custom package of features designed to address an SMB’s specific needs. EmpXTtrack  comes with a free trial, offers an API for easy integration to third party software and is scalable for any size of business.

This solution is a good option for SMBs with need of a flexible Hr system that can be structured according to their requirements, but still adapt to changing business needs and growth.

4. SyncHR

SyncHR is a cloud-based solution that focuses on core HR requirements, benefits management and payroll. The system is workflow based and event driven so that it automatically updates according to changes detected in Employee details.

There is also support for business intelligence tools with in-depth data analytics intended for performance and operational reviews. Another important point that s worth mentioning is that SyncHR  is scalable for any size of business and can easily adapt to changes and growth in an SMB.

5. Nortek People Management

Nortek People Management is scalable for any business size and is offered as a cloud-based solution with a subscription service. It can be easily customized and is accessible via any mobile device.

Main features include core HR functions, talent and workforce management, and benefits and payroll management. Nortek People Management also supports features for a grievance addressal system that includes dispute resolution, as well as compliance with various regulations for labor safety.

Another important point is that SMBs can choose to structure their pricing package according to the key features required and economize based on their need, but still have an option to grow later as their business expands.