Top 5 Maintenance Software for SMBs


Maintenance software is a solution designed for companies that use or support various equipment which requires tracking the maintenance requirements, implementing appropriate maintenance services, allocating necessary service technicians, and ensuring the availability of needed spare parts.

The main focus of this type of solution is providing proactive asset maintenance for minimizing asset breakdown or down time, an essential function for ensuring responsive operations and providing timely customer service.

If an effective maintenance software is not in place, the organization is likely to suffer production and delivery problems which will impact their profitability.

We at ITQlick understand that SMBs are faced with important issues in the maintenance sphere, especially since they need to ensure business profitability and expansion, while seeking maximum output from their assets and optimal customer support.

This is why when choosing a maintenance management solution, we have considered factors such as financial investment, technology requirements, available functionality, software ability to match changing business requirements, as well as return on investment. based on these, we have reviewed many maintenance solutions and our best recommendations include the following.

1. Maintenance5000

Maintenance5000 can track maintenance histories and schedule proactive maintenance, determine service technician availability and ensure proper assignment, manage inventory and spare parts, as well as comply with maintenance standards.

It also offers mobile device access to provide real time maintenance information as well as allow updates according to work schedules. Additional features include a help desk, asset register, maintenance contracts, and service level agreements (SLAs). Maintenance5000 is scalable for for any size of business and is offered as a hosted cloud solution, which is beneficial for SMBs.

2. Maintenance Connection

Maintenance Connection offers a free trial of its product and can be deployed as an on premise, hosted or cloud based service with a subscription model based on customer requirements. Its features include a maintenance repair and operations work center, service technician work manager for work order scheduling, preventive maintenance scheduling, management of maintenance procedures, as well as shop floor control and parts management.

The product is mobile device access ready and has flexible reporting options that include KPIs and dashboards. Maintenance Connection is also beneficial for SMBs as it is scalable and offers APIs for integration with most major ERP systems.

3. Sprocket CMMS

Sprocket CMMS is another maintenance solution that is mobile device access ready and offers a free trial. It provides options for work order management, parts inventory control, asset management, and preventive maintenance and inspections.

Additional features include support for capital planning, forecasting for reduction of unplanned downtime, as well as a number of reporting options for tracking maintenance trends against KPIs. Sprocket CMMS offers SMBs a self hosted or cloud-based subscription service based on customer requirements, and a growth path for larger requirements as an SMB expands its operations.

4. Performo

Performo includes features for work order and resource management, asset and inventory management, as well as preventive maintenance. Its deployment options include on-premise, hosted, and cloud-based subscription services. Performo can be easily integrated with most major financial accounting and ERP systems and is also accessible from mobile devices.

This solution is suited for SMB requirements, yet it is not scalable for large enterprise requirements. Still, it does offer SMBs five different editions based on required features, a flexible solution for SMBs looking for a specific package that best suits their needs.

5. Maintenance.IO

Maintenance.IO is offered as a cloud-based solution and is accessible via mobile devices. Its features include maintenance management and scheduling, asset and inventory management, work order and service request management, and vendor tracking.

There is also a maintenance portal for online collaboration between service and customers for resolving maintenance issues. The mobile application supports QR Codes for easy asset identification, repair and maintenance history retrieval, and service updates.

Maintenance.IO is offered with a free trial and is scalable to any size of business based on the number of users required, but ensures the full featured version is available to all users.