Top 4 Facilities Management Software to Keep Your Facility Running Perfectly


Facilities Management system is different from a typical Work Order Request system common to many industries today.

One of these differences is that Facilities Management system has an Asset Tracking Management module which provides insight on possible equipment failures. Through this module, facility crews are able to see the current status of machines and equipment via a monitoring and tracking dashboard. It provides them with real-time readings from equipment on-site for further data analysis and reporting which in turn is helpful in optimizing the life-cycle of your assets.

If your ultimate target is to keep your facility always in perfect condition, getting to know more the advanced features and functionality of Facilities Management Software solutions available in the market today will certainly make a big difference. And a smart way to begin your search is by exploring these top 4 Facilities Management Software recommended by our ITQlick team of software experts.

1. eMaint X3 Software

eMaint X3 is an affordable, scalable and robust Facilities Management Software solution for companies of all sizes, in all industries. As a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), the biggest advantage of using this software is that it can give your facility team comprehensive trends and performance reports. Having this information can help you detect unexpected shutdowns or equipment breakdowns even before they occur.

Moreover, with eMaint X3’s asset tracking, preventive maintenance program, inventory management, and work and service order tracking functionality, you can have an assurance that better operational efficiency of your entire facility can always be achieved.


2. Maintenance Connection

Better asset organization, excellent workforce collaboration and higher operational efficiency; if these are what you’re aiming for in your facility, investing on Maintenance Connection is the right option.

Maintenance Connection can guarantee you a perfectly-running facility with its Predictive Maintenance and KPI Dashboard. With Predictive Maintenance, you can prevent system malfunctions and accidents in the workplace thus minimizing your operational loses. With KPI Dashboard, you can instantly know which Work Orders require immediate action thus optimizing your crews’ overall productivity.

3. FMX

FMX stands for Facilities Management eXpress. Since this Facilities Management system works in the cloud, it is best suited for your always-on-the-go repair and maintenance team.

One important feature of this software product is its ability to generate QR codes. With QR codes, your service crews no longer need to open notes or access your data servers in order to know the equipment’s ID and maintenance history. All they have to do is scan the code and carry out the preventive maintenance routine process.

Whether you’re maintaining a huge number of equipment, rooms, buildings or resources, FMX can definitely keep everything in your facility well-managed and well-maintained.


4. MaintenanceEdge by FacilityDude

No asset is difficult to maintain and no issue is hard to fix in your facility if you have systematic work orders management in place. Having said that, if processing work orders and planned maintenance is where you want your facility crews to excel the most, then choose MaintenanceEdge.

This software solution is not just an ordinary Facilities Management system. It is a system for all types, levels and kinds of facility works. From electrical and ground work, to water leaks and pest control, to vehicle maintenance and equipment maintenance, MaintenanceEdge is a perfect tool. And with features like Advanced Work Order Search and Expenditure Summary Report, you can always expect a worry-free facility operation.

Facilities Management Software solutions today have robust features and functionality that can perfectly run your facility, no matter how big it is. By properly selecting the right software tool, you can certainly achieve this goal. If you want your entire facility to run perfectly, with machines well oiled and equipment always calibrated, you have to give your facility team the right tool – a Facilities Management Software.

ITQlick is always here to assist you on your requirements. If you want to explore more solutions, you can also check our Top 5 Maintenance Software for Large Businesses.