Top 5 Recruitment Software for Large Businesses


The War for Talent Recruitment is On, What is Your Best Recruitment Software Weapon?

Nowadays you can find lots of job seekers in pretty much every industry, but talent is still as rare as it was before. Here is where your Recruitment Software can play an essential role for your company to identify and attract talent to your structure. Talent search is a very profitable niche, and if you use the right tools for your business, it can save your company a lot of time and thus save up recruitment costs.

This is especially critical for big companies, because they usually receive much more applications than average for each position, and their selection processes are much more complicated to avoid choosing what they are not looking for. Large businesses need solutions that help managing big amounts of information, including powerful and smart search engines, and also featuring intelligence processes that learn from the analytics and the regular usage of it.


We at ITQlick have selected for you five amazing solutions aimed at big companies like yours, so that you can get a better idea of what you’re looking for:


Scalable to grow with your business needs, SmartRecruiters also features social media collaboration on Facebook and LinkedIn, which is essential for big companies. That’s a strong point, together with a predictive tool that will guide your recruiters through the most common job sources based on a historical behaviour. This is very important for big recruitment companies that manage hundreds of job sources because the software will learn from repeated tasks and will enhance your recruitment processes with cutting-edge usage reports.


This software is created with big companies in mind, with the necessary IT requirements fulfilled. This system tracks applicants while serving recruitment services. iRecruit is keyword-search enabled for users to find jobs more easily, and makes the job posting task a lot easier. A big plus as well for big companies is that it’s easily customizable; this software adapts to your structure and procedures, so that your team can design the ways to get information from applicants, via forms or questions.

iCIMS Talent Platform

iCIMS Talent Platform is a powerful tool designed to help you identify and track talent, just as your Lead Management Software would do with leads. Corporations live on talented minds, and this platform helps your company to analyze the most valuable candidates and seek out the most talented ones to offer the jobs to, based on the comprehensive reports it generates. Software like this, tracking new ideal candidates as if they were customers, and making it easier to engage them, can clearly reduce costs for your company in the six-figure range.

BrightMove Discover

This is a very useful software for HR departments of corporations, with big amounts of candidates. Its engine will help you choose automatically from passive applicants, together with powerful sourcing tools that will include more than 1000 job sources from BrightMove services. It is definitely a time saving option for big recruitment departments, as it provides automation where it’s needed so that your HR employees can focus on what really matters.

Big Biller

If you are looking for a strong data processing system for your Recruitment Agency, able to manage the volumes generated by big accounts, this is definitely an excellent choice. Big Biller extracts information out of your applicants resumes and sends automated email responses and job offers to a certain group of candidates, making the entire process faster.

It also features a robust search engine to find candidates using keywords, and keeps track of every step in the recruitment process for your company to have full access to the information available. It doesn’t matter how many candidates and job offers you have in progress, Big Biller can handle them.

supermanBig companies need software that can handle big volumes of information about jobs and candidates smoothly, and still identify talent so that you can increase your competitiveness. If you want to find more valuable options, all of them are ready for you to read the extended reviews and compare themĀ in our Recruitment Software area.