Best Accounting Software for Medical Practice


Best Accounting Software for Medical Practice – Your medical practice needs a medical accounting software solution to streamline your accounting processes.

The accounting tool is designed to help eliminate human errors associated with manual data entry.

Your business needs accounting software for healthcare with features that help manage day-to-day accounting and business practices, from managing payroll to automating billing and invoicing, patient scheduling, and maintaining HIPAA compliance, among others.

As a medical practice, you need more than an entry level accounting solution for your facility. Here is a collection of the best accounting software for your medical practice.

Best Medical Accounting Software

NetSuite Financials

The web-based accounting and ecommerce software is designed to streamline your accounting needs.

NetSuite Financials can be scale for businesses of different sizes, effectively catering to the growing needs of your medical practice.

The accounting solution comes with modular cloud integration, so you can keep real-time contact with your accounting department. With NetSuite, it is a seamless process to export data and reports. The intuitive suite supports multiple platforms, so you can leverage the solution on your existing platform.

It makes accounting for medical practice easy with intuitive journal entries, income statements, and balance sheets.

Cons: Reporting is a little tough task with NetSuite Financials.

Sage Intacct

The cloud-based accounting software for healthcare practices, Sage Intacct provides real-time financial insight into the business.

It facilitates the task to automate critical processes. The medical billing solution enables users to input patient records, patient co-pays, and collections.

It is designed to help manage patient receivables, payroll, support billing, and submit insurance claims


As one of the best accounting software for medical practice, the web-based ACUMATICA streamlines and automates financial processes.

The enterprise resource planning software supervises accounting for healthcare. With ACUMATICA, you can optimize healthcare facility functioning.

Key features of the software include cash flow management, accounts payable and receivable, and cash flow management. The software provides pre-designed reports that can be easily customized with filtering and sorting services.

Cons: The medical accounting software lacks any feature for payroll management.


The QuickPractice accounting software is designed to take care of a range of activities, including maintaining healthcare records and scheduling visits for each patient.

Additionally, users can leverage the solution to maintain accounts and accounts receivable, monitor bills and financial ledger, process electronic billing, and manage patient database.

Cons: The interface is a little complicated to start with.

AccuFund Accounting

The all-in-one financial and accounting software for healthcare facilities comes with a range of features that will help keep a track of accounts and funds. Real-time reporting is one feature that enables users to generate a detailed report on funding activities.

AccuFund Accounting  is a scalable product that can be easily scaled to meet your growing healthcare practice needs.


The solution comes complete with billing, scheduling, accounting, and practice management capabilities.

For efficient billing management, AthenaClinicals is designed with an intuitive interface with customizable reporting, billing and invoicing, physician scheduling, patient eligibility, and patient records management.

The accounting software for medical practice offers billing management capabilities. The single integrated view combines patient history and information.

The workflow-based product integrates with top documentation systems and can seamlessly integrate with patient management systems.


The intuitive medical billing solution helps manage accounts and billing, schedule patients, and confirm insurance.

Kareo is designed to simplify billing issues and improve the efficiency of your staff. The solution comes with such capabilities as performance reporting, fee schedule management, posting and claims processing, patient statements, and remittance and payment posting.

With Kareo billing service, users can easily manage front-office tasks through automatic access to electronic health records as well as practice management tools.

Microsoft Dynamics

One of the best accounting software for healthcare, Microsoft Dynamics GP features an array of capabilities, including financial management, accounts receivables, billing and invoicing, human resources management, collaboration & compliance, and financial reporting.

Easy to use and implement, the medical accounting software goes beyond basic reporting and integrates with existing technology platforms. Microsoft Dynamics is a versatile, scalable, and flexible accounting solution with highly customizable features.