Zoho CRM vs Insightly


A CRM (customer relationship management) solution is the go-to software for businesses of all sizes across a range of industry verticals. But with so many solutions in the market contending for the market share, it is natural to feel overwhelmed for choice. Zoho and Insightly are some of the most popular CRM tools today. Let’s compare Zoho CRM vs Insightly to see which one works the best for your specific business.

Zoho CRM vs Insightly

While both CRM tools are designed with an array of capabilities, let’s see what makes one better than the other.

  1. Features

The most important aspect of any tool is the feature list. . Both Zoho and Insightly are designed with the best contact management functionalities and enable users to import leads. With both platforms, users can create custom fields that make these solutions quite handy in matching the structure you’ve been using thus far.


You will find a territory management feature in Zoho. Users find this feature useful to assign contacts to different sales teams on the basis of their industry, geographical location, and product line. There is a feature to assign a territory manager as an administrator for the accounts under them.


Users can use tags to direct contacts when they’re in the system. You can create custom tags to represent important information, including products, geographical region, etc.

  1. Task Management

Task management is one feature that is expected of any CRM solution.  Salespeople find it particularly useful in developing a better idea of when to follow up a lead. So you no longer need to keep guessing when to contact a certain person for follow up. The feature allows you to set a reminder to follow up after a specific time period.


A comprehensive task management system is available in Zoho Projects as an add-on.

Additionally, Zoho uses a feed view that is just similar to a social media layout. Users can check all the assigned tasks in a vertical list at a record level. The interface makes it easier for users to directly navigate from the view to records.


The tool has a slight edge over Zoho CRM as far as task management feature is concerned. With Insightly, you no longer need the traditional vertical funnel to visualize sales stages, because the tool provides you with a horizontal pipeline to make your task easier. This feature gives it an edge over Zoho as far as lead management is concerned. However, the value of pipelines balloons into full-blown project management, extending beyond the sales stages.

Users can customize pipeline stages to represent project stages, making it easier to manage sales opportunities as “projects,” which are later easy to sort by stage or name of the user.

  1. Sales Automation

With this new generation of CRM solutions, salespeople have their tasks cut out, thanks to the automation features that save time and effort, reducing laborious data entry.


With Zoho, you get access to sales management functions so you can focus completely on customer lifecycle and increase sales revenue. These features include sales stage, sales pipeline analysis, lead generation & qualification, competitor analysis, and sales forecasting in real-time.

With Zoho, the sales automation feature makes life easier for the sales team, enabling you to set reminders for a new batch of leads for follow up.


Insighly CRM is one of the best tools to improve sales process, from lead management to payment verification. The highly flexible tool enables you to manage as well as measure every single stage in your sales process, so you can sell smarter and meet your business needs.

  1. Reporting

Reporting is a key functionality, and there is some different between the reporting functionality of both solutions.


A Zoho user can generate three types of reports, including those based on revenue, time, and people. The system features a custom report tool, so you can build customized versions, though the CRM tool is designed with more than 40 pre-built reports.


With Insightly, managing business reports is a breeze. You can look at your business as you want. Users can generate Advanced Reports and Legacy Reports. With its Advanced Reports feature, you can leverage the user-friendly interface to create custom, tabular reports using drag and drop. Keep your reports organized with the folder report structure and report templates.

Specific reporting features, such as Report scheduling, Smart Alerts, are available as add-ons in paid plans.

  1. Pricing

Both customer relationship management tools offer three subscriptions tiers.


You will find the following types of pricing tiers, viz. Standard ($12 per user/month), Professional ($20/user/month),and Enterprise ($35 per user/month), all of which come with different functionalities.


With Insightly, you can choose from four subscription types. This includes Enterprise ($99/user/month), Professional ($49/user/month), Plus ($29/user/month), and Basic ($12/user/month), with the pricing of each subscription type varying depending on the number of users and features.

Which is Right One for You: Zoho CRM vs Insightly?

Both tools are neck and neck as far as features and capabilities are concerned. Additionally, both can be purchased at almost similar pricing packages. However, if project management is on top of your feature list, you may want to go for Insightly, which has an upper hand as far as this specific feature is concerned. Zoho, on the other hand, gets a clear edge when we consider its scalability with territory management.

Still wondering which CRM is the right one for you- Zoho CRM vs Insightly? Connect with ITQlick experts today. We will help make your search for the right customer relationship management solution easier.