2018 Top 10 Free HR Systems


In most companies, HR is run a battery of employees that have daily tasks and objectives as they meet people and interview possible applicants. But for most businesses, this is not possible because their hiring process is either done through the internet or their business is run online. One of the best options for these businesses is to have an HR software system installed to help with all the HR needs. And for those with a budget, there are HR software solutions that can be availed for little to no cost. Let’s take a look at the top 10 free HR Systems available.

Zoho People

Zoho People a HR software solution that is best for small businesses, freelancers, and startups. The software has been featured in TechCrunch , PC World, and The New York Times. It is free for up to ten users, and also offers monthly plans starting from $19 only.


BambooHR tracks employee information such as salary, vacations, and phone numbers. It also allows employees to request time off online. The software is available for free trial and subscription and is compatible with cesktop, cloud, and smartphone platforms.


TribeHR is a HR software solution that was developed in 2009. The software shows employee trends and highlights important employee information. TribeHR offers free trial and subscription options and is compatible with desktop, cloud, and smartphone platforms.


Deputy is a cloud-based employee scheduling software with workforce management features.  The software helps users look for available staff and create rosters for publication. Deputy is available in four different pricing plans including the starter plan which is available for free.


Talentsquare is a web based applicant tracking software solution. The software is best for businesses of all sizes and it has features including employee tracking, services as sourcing and screening, and management. The software is available for two plans, including the Starter Plan, which is free.


Apptivo is a free HR software solution that can support up to three users. The software caps data storage for up to 500 MB data. The subscription can be upgraded to up to 3-5 GB of data and full access to mobile apps.


HRtrack is a free HR software solution which is best for companies with 10employees or less. HRtrack is available via download and is a product of Canadian company First Reference. The system runs on your desktop platforms.

Web Human Resource

Web Human Resource is a free web-based HR software solution that works best for companies that have 10 employees for fewer. The software was founded in 2010 and has over 9,000 customers all over the world, and is available as SaaS.


CollaBrill is a cloud-based HR software solution that is available for free for up to 19 users. The India-based HR software solution includes modules for payroll, employee management, and leave and attendance tracking.


Sleekr is a HR software solution that is available for free for up to five employees.  Sleekr works best for small businesses and freelance startups.  The free version of this cloud-based HR software includes features  such as payroll, performance management, and vacation and time-off tracking.